Mel Gibson faces more flak over "oven dodger" remark

The more I find out about Mel Gibson the less I like him.

Not that I liked him much anyway; unlike all my female colleagues back in the day who swooned at his war paint in Braveheart.

(and to think they couldn't even find anybody Scottish to play William Wallace).

Anyway the latest Gibson revelation to emerge, this time from Winona Ryder, is that a drunken Gibson once referred to her as an "over dodger" at a Hollywood party.

After telling the gay friend she was with a horrible anti gay joke (she didn't elaborate), Ryder said Mel made this enlightened comment about her Jewish heritage, although she didn't get the Holocaust reference at the time.

Perhaps Mel needs to be taken to the grim museum of inhumanity that is Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland to see the horrific pictures and piles of shoes and asked if he still finds the Holocaust amusing. Perhaps we all should.

I prefer pictures of Mel Sporting a wife beater beard, rather than the cute faced actor of yesteryear. It makes him look a lot more like the bigot he so obviously is.

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  1. Absolutely stomach turning. Thank you for posting. Have never been a fan and obviously less so since he began his spiral into bigotry, homophobia, mysogyny and just plain crazy. Why Hollywood and the movie going public continue to tolerate him is beyond me.


  2. Poor Winona Ryder. She had to tolerate such a horrible person. Poor Mel Gibson. He lost his touch with the reality. He needs help.

  3. Yikes, that's all I have really. Yikes.

  4. I don't really like him as a person.
    I've never been a fan of him as an actor as well.

    Great review, as usual.

  5. How the mighty have fallen, I doubt even a visit to Auschwitz would affect him in any way. Are you sure that's Mel Gibson in that photo, it reminds me of someone else..em...let me think....ah yes isn't that a pic of Saddam Hussein when he was pulled out from his rat hole???

  6. Thanx PM - I do wonder about how someone can be so rich and famous and angry; just shows money is not the answer, I guess. For sure Olga, he need help cutting that beard for starters. Yikes sums it up Frog; Thanks Betty, hope you're doign well, and he did that anti Brit movie! Ha - now you come to mention it, Ryan

  7. I had heard about this comment too. I thought it was both wrong and horrible. From what I gather he's been like this all along, but just recently it's come out. I've personally lost respect for him too. (BTW, I often wondered why they casted Mel instead of someone British for the role of William Wallace.)

    Good post.

  8. Mel's behaviour is beyond deplorable. He is definitely overdue for some psychiatric intervention to deal with his hatred for his fellow human beings. Let's hope that his sick and twisted views aren't rubbing off on that huge litter of kids he fathered. The whole situation is sad.

  9. well, the actor and the person behind that benign exterior are 2 different things...the world is filled with bigots of all sizes, shapes and colour...just that, being a public figure makes it difficult for him to hide his flaws which a average person hides behind fake smiles...


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