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About that Climatic Apocalypse Thing

I hadn't looked at my global warming novella for a while but recent events led me to revisit it. Since writing it for the A-Z challenge a couple of years ago much that I predicted has come to pass. Trump is indeed the President of the United States. While less frightening and more ridiculous than my President Jackson, Trump has come to represent the ostrich mentality that pervades public life.

The official line of climate change denial, even as a government report warns of grave consequences, is both staggering and predictable.

But is it worse to deny what's going on than to draw up elaborate plans that are never implemented? Rio, Kyoto, and Paris came and went and climate change marched on unabated.

In the meantime, drought caused a massive migration that is linked to the origins of the Syrian war, thousands perished when a hurricane hit Puerto Rico and nobody cared and California was hit by the most devastating wildfire in its history.

All great empires fall, but the technol…

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