Friday, February 14, 2014

Mindless Facebook Quizzes and Why I Don't Want to be Pennsylvania

Has anyone taken that dumb quiz on Facebook that tells people what state they belong in? Basically you select things you like, such as fast food chains from a list and faces of babies (inexplicably) and you can find out whether you are the Union's finest or if you are Nebraska.

So it turned out I was a powerful leader type and I belonged in Pennsylvania. I was bemused that the quiz told me this in glowing terms. There was no button to say 'Dude. I don't want to be in Pennsylvania. I have been scarred for life by the gas station with the grey window panes and the largest number of men with missing teeth and rat tails I have ever seen in one place.' Somewhere on the desolate road to Erie I believe.

Why so pretty Pennsylvania?

Lots of people have ended up bemused by this quiz because they have posted things such as Wisconsin - WTF?

So why do we spend our precious time on such nonsense? Probably because we can and we are just curious.

Even now I am looking on my Facebook feed and seeing My iPersonic Personality Type: the Spontaneous Idealist posted by someone. On come on. You know who you are Ms. Spontaneous. You follow this blog.

I have to say I draw the line at some of these time wasters such as the "Which Star Wars Character Are You?" A few weeks ago Facebook friends were falling over themselves to do this, clearly not recalling that everybody did it four years ago. I was Yoda. I am fine with Yoda and don't want to be that hairy character.

But the worst test I have seen anybody doing was the "What Girl Scout Cookie Are you?" quiz. This is really tantamount to admitting you don't have a life and never will have one. It didn't stop some people posting excited updates on how they were macaroons and thin mints.

Mini rant over. Forget about blog for another week.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Re-Introducing Wayne and Waynetta Slob

I have an odd system of memory in that I can sometimes forget a task I have been reminded about half an hour earlier and yet then something odd and random can catch me unawares. This applies to British comedic characters. The U.S.seems to lack comedic characters and has to make do with real life ones like the hairy homophobic bloke from Duck Dysentry.

Anyhow I was somewhere the other day when I saw a couple and instantly thought of Wayne and Waynetta Slob from the Harry Enfield show back in the 90s. I may have said as much to my daughter, who looked at me blankly for obvious reasons. In fact, after a particularly adolescent type outburst a few days earlier I had suggested she was Kevin the Teenager from the same show, an allusion that again fell on deaf ears.

At times like this I wonder if I am frozen in the 90s - a decade my daughter describes as a "long time ago." I have been known to pull up Oasis on YouTube from time to time.

Wayne and Waynetta, in their own way are classics of British comedy, although not in the classic classic sense of Fawlty Towers. Still worth a watch. For some reason they appear with alarming regularity in my head every time I am lucky enough to find myself in Wal-Mart. Oh and having it off means ... well you know.

On Blog PTSD

Now then. What the heck. It seems I had forgotten about my blog completely rather than just neglecting it this time. To return after so long...