The fall and fall of 'Mad Mel' Gibson

They thought they could get away with it but they didn't count on me to be there to remind them.
What am I talking about?
My female friends who had mad crushes on heartthrob actor Mel Gibson back in the '90s., of course.
After the release of Braveheart half of the female reporters in my newsroom were bestotted with the actor, notwithstanding his penchant with wearing skirts and intimidating war paint.
My observation that Mel was really rather short and the camera angle was flattering was blown away like the English army under an onslaught from William Wallace, who according to legend was a massive individual.
But now that Mel's latest purported hate, sexism and racist filled rant is doing the rounds, those fans from the '90s seem to have gone to ground.
"Thanks a lot, David," responded one when I tactfully alluded to her former crush on Mel on Facebook.
I'm not going to devote this blog to analysing what went wrong with Mel although a shrink could have a field day with the actor who is rapidly becoming Lindsey Lohan's older dysfunctional twin.
My own theory - that Gibson suffers from SGS (Short Guy Syndrome) - probably wouldn't stand up to the test, although there's evidence out there about short guys; think Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin and magician Paul Daniels; you're going to like it - not a lot.
In any rate something has been eating at Mel in recent years.
Pictures of Gibson with now ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, depict a man who has left the matinee good looks apparent in Mad Max and Braveheart behind some time ago.
The actor, now described as Mad Mel, by the tabloids has the crazy paranoid look of the type that can be found at a trailer park near you; sitting drinking bourbon next to a pick-up emblazed in Confederate flags.
Quite why Gibson went off the rails is a mystery to somone who is spending this week eking out a miserable existence after spending too much money on vacation.
Give me a fraction of Gibson's vast fortune and I'll promise to be eternally happy and not to direct rants at anyone. Not even bank managers.
I can only conclude Gibson's demise is proof that money can't buy happiness or love and Gibson clearly learned nothing from his role in What Women Want.
The actor's latest outbursts could cost his career dear.
Bloomberg Business Week reports his latest film, The Beaver isn't going to be released any time soon -
I doubt if the box office will be beaten up about the loss of a movie which stars Gibson as a man who converses with a beaver puppet.
Still what's left of Gibson's reputation may have been saved if he'd kept his mouth shut and opted to leave it to the beaver.


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