Pamela Anderson - for better or for verse

I enlisted Pammy to bring a few more followers to my neglected blog Rhyme and Reason; that would be the serious one about poetry that nobody reads. Not even poets.

But not even one of the world's most Googled women could give my readership a great big shot of the old purple pill and send the graph of my numbers soaring up towards double figures. On a day that Brits in the USA reached the (admittedly non stellar) number of 150 views in one day for the first time, Rhyme and Reason hit 1.

If my two blogs were my children I'd be cited for child neglect and the second born would grow up with a chip the size of Greenland on his shoulder.

As an aside, it's a bit of a sad indictment on men that Pamela Anderson still seems so popular. I can only blame Nascar enthusiasts because Pammi contains as much inflatable material as your average pit stop.

And, as Michael Caine would have said, not a lot of people know this. It seems Pamela, the all Californian Baywatch girl, is actually Canadian.

Bet she didn't do much of that slow motion lifeguard bikini bouncing stuff on the streets of Moosejaw in December.

Inevitably Pammi has made the cover of Playboy again and half of the menfolk on the planet are clearly as evolved as Borat. But this time she has included her poetry in the edition.

BTW did anyone else miss the lunar eclipse tonight? I also missed Haley's Comet. It seems I will spend my whole life detached from the Solar System. I'll live with it.

To see my posting on Pammi's reincarnation as Slyvia Plath see -


  1. Isn't the lunar eclipse tonight - the 21st? Around 9pm - EST that is ... er Australian time, not sure of the conversion for you guys. We'll see the moon as a partial eclipse and will head down to the beach later to see it rise.

    Haley's comet was a bit of a fizzer. We drove hours to get a better view, and it was ho-hum.

    I think 150 is outstanding, (only in my dreams) but the 1 could feel a tad ignored. It's better than none...good idea to try Pamela though.

  2. thanks Sue - I thought it was here last night. Maybe it's the time zone thing. Thanks, well the other one has reached the lofty heights of 3, lol.

  3. I was excited for the eclipse, but it was totally overcast (mini snow storm yesterday) and we had to miss it.

    I admit I have never googled Pam.

  4. It was overcast and raining in Oregon as opposed to just raining.

    I did not know you had another blog... shame on you for not tooting your own horn on that one... I thought you said you were a narcissist?

  5. Pamela Anderson is practically a granny but I think she is a rare type of modern pinup girls that are not vulgar. There is something sweet about her. Maybe because she is Canadian, huh?

  6. That's because it's mainly guys in Eastern Europe who Google her, Deborah - but it seems Olga is a fan. She's practically a granny, so funny. Raining and over cast in Oregon, Lidia, hmm - that would be a first. yeah, I know, but it's kind of neglected...

  7. Well, I didn't know you had a poetry blog! I'll go check it out now. :D


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