Team USA Takes on Belgium - Five Random Facts About Belgium

Every four years - assuming they are in the World Cup - Americans get all excited about the game with the iniquitous 's' word.

Team USA colors

America has an ambivalent relationship to the game Brits call football, preferring the odd game with shoulder pads and numerous stops. But with Team USA on a roll, America is again getting all excited about proper football.

It's sobering to think that the Americans do this as a sideline but still seem to be more successful than England at the World Cup with a motley collection of players who would be fighting for a first time place in your average Premiership side. American pubs fail to rival the fervor of those back in the England when a game is on, but maybe that's not bad thing.

So today it's on to the mighty Belgium - a team I know little about but are apparently fifth favorites to win the World Cup.

It's a bit hard to get worked up about Belgium in the same way as one can get worked up about the Geermans and the gnashing Uruguayans, although Waffle House is doing its bit by stating it doesn't believe in Belgium waffles. Well I don't believe in Waffle House - except as a last resort when everywhere else is closed.

The few times I have  been to Belgium I have loved the architecture and the beer, less so the inhabitants who tend to shun deodorant.

Here are five little known facts about Belgium.

1 - Brussels Spouts really do come from Belgium where they have been grown for 400 years. They also acquire the texture of snot if cooked in a certain way. They tend to taste worse.

2 - Belgium produces 22 kg of chocolate for every person in the country. And it's a lot better than Hershey's.

3 - Belgium has enforced compulsory voting. If you fail to vote you are dragged out of your home and pushed under Jean Claude Van Damme's arm pit.

4 - The highway system in Belgium is so brightly lit it's the only man made structure on the earth that's visible from the moon at night.

5 - Belgium has the oldest shopping center in the world - the Galeries St Hubert in Brussels which opened in 1847 for the buying of top hats.


  1. Soccer bores me to death, but I know there are pro soccer teams here now. Isn't Team USA made up of those players? David Beckham, etc? Or has he retired?

    1. tsk how can you not be drawn in by the World Cup JoJo

  2. I have to say, I was never much of a soccer fan until my girls started playing the game. I've been coaching now for 6 years, and I've come to love the game. We love watching all the WC games, but we are very excited for today's match.

    I can only imagine how pissed off the rest of the world will be when the US finally wins a WC.

    1. well fraid you may have to wait a bit longer Tim but you never know

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  4. I admit I don't know much of anything about soccer but even I could see that the Belgian players were simply better yesterday. We did have fun watching though and I've enjoyed the World Cup so far, mostly because of all the characters involved. Crazy things like the Uruguay biter and the controversy over the Dutch player diving are classic. I also loved the Mexican coach LOL.

  5. Oh well, they're out now. Guess it's team Waffles! If the Americans really DID get into football properly then they could maybe win it as they have such a vast gene pool to select from and that all American achieving spirit.

    Love the Belgian facts. Never eating sprouts again.!

    1. there is a lot of that, particularly in doughnut eating competitions Jules


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