My Blog is Monty Python's Dead Parrot

I try not to check the stats on my blog too much because it tends to resemble John Cleese's parrot. A combination of infrequent postings and lack of interaction has indeed turned my blog into the Norwegian Blue.

At least as it's flushed down the toilet, somebody might remark on its beautiful plumage. You never know.

In past years I have had a three pronged strategy to counter blog disaffection. Namely:

1 Blog more about Justin Bieber
2 Blog about Bieber
3 Blog about that annoying little Canadian s...

I fear the wisdom of the strategy has now deserted me as nobody even cares about Bieber these days as he slides into an icky pool of whatever Lindsey Lohan slid into years ago.

We were fond of whatshername from a Fish Called Wanda

Real talent is enduring and it's seen in characters such as John Cleese and Michael (not Sarah) Palin. Recently I bumped into an ardent Fish Called Wanda fan, which reminded me of how I had forgotten much about the film apart from the bit where a concrete block falls on a small dog and Palin's stutter.

All of which reminds me I must be fundamentally sick.

The reality is Cleese and Palin can make most things funny, even dead animals. Enjoy.


  1. Ha! Not heard that parrot sketch for donkeys! You are not sick at all, you have excellent taste!

    1. well nice if you to say so even if me blog has keeled over a bit of late

  2. I like some of the Python sketches....but I guess I never really 'got' the show as a whole. Too much shouting and some of the sketches kind of overstay their welcome by several minutes, IMHO.

    1. there is one where they slap each other with fish for ages

  3. A Fish Called Wanda is one of my favorite movies! And Monty Python, the sketches, the movies, ah great stuff. Excuse me as I wander of and recite MP sketches to myself.


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