Sarah Palin and the "lamestream" media

Can you actually believe a show is now being aired on TV called Sarah Palin’s Alaska?

Well this is surely going to be one of the shortest and shallowest shows yet to make prime time.

In saying that it’s amazing how seemingly unintelligent people can stretch out shows. Anna Nicole Smith had an unreal kind of reality show and there are actually people who really do try to keep up with Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The Washington Post reported that TLC scored the biggest series launch in its history Sunday -- about 5 million viewers -- with the unveiling of  Sarah Palin's Alaska.

That crowd rivals the 5 million bagged by AMC's zombie series "The Walking Dead" when it debuted on Halloween. Coincidentally, that was also a best-ever series launch for that basic cable network.

I’m tempted to compare the two although that would be slightly churlish as I haven’t actually seen Palin’s show. Still I imagine her walking round like the walking dead, making her hokey asides, muttering in a confused manner when asked about what newspapers she reads and promising to highlight parts of Alaska that Russia’s visible from.

Edward Flattau, in the Huffington Post blog made a more considered critique of Palin’s environmental credentials. What credentials, you may ask.

“The lady on your television screen extolling the majestic wilderness panorama and spectacular wildlife of Alaska is the same individual who as governor sought to spread oil rigs across the nation's last great intact wilderness ecosystem, namely the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the northeast corner of the state,” he wrote, going on to detail numerous other crimes against the ecosystem including the aerial slaughter of wolves and bears from a helicopter.

I guess that’s what folks do for a social life in Alaska because there aren’t many Ruby Tuesdays.

One of my biggest beefs against Palin is her continual dismissal of the media because, frankly, we’re not very nice to her. Like a mantra she says “lamestream” media over and over again as if hoping the moniker will stick.

If we were unlucky to have a Palin presidency she would probably aim to ban the traditional media from the White House, altogether and Tweet all of her Presidential announcements.

As someone who has worked in the “lamestream” media for long enough to be half lame, I have come to value its importance. Week after week my colleagues defy the odds, not to mention budget cuts to media companies to tell readers what’s really going on in their cities.

Only this week I revealed how a city council discussed giving $1 million in taxpayers’ money in gift cards to its employees in a discussion held behind closed doors.

Watergate it isn't but without the “lamestream” media who would be there to tell hard working citizens how their money was being spent.

Not Sarah Palin for sure – she’d be off somewhere shooting wolves from a helicopter, yelping and committing certifiable offenses against the English language.


  1. I think she'd be more useful if there were walking dead. She could shoot zombies out of her helicopter with an AK instead of deer.

    I really don't understand how anyone can listen to her for more than 30 seconds. For someone who hates the media so much she sure seems to make herself omnipresent in it, considering she is in fact a part of the media.

  2. Just when I think TV can't possibly get any worse or go any lower, it does. I won't be watching this show. Sounds like a major waste of time. I watch very little TV anymore for just that reason.

  3. Thanks folks. Yep she has a rather alarming way of speaking. I would agree that about 95 percent of TV is dross Daisy.

  4. Whoa - a Sarah Palin Show !!! My sympathies for the viewers ...if she has any .

  5. Sarah Palin has a purpose ~ she makes me look really, really, REALLY smart.

  6. Dear Lord. Please just shoot me now. I can't believe she has her own show.

  7. Oooh, excellent post! I don't know too much about Sarah Palin (other than the sense of relief in knowing that London is possibly as far away from Alaska as I can get) but I liked what you pointed out about her environmental credentials.

  8. sadly Kavita she seems to have loads. Yep me too Nubian. Tis sobering Talli but i find her fascinating in a way. thanks Emm...

  9. Yet another reason why I hardly ever watch TV.

  10. Soon to be followed by a Bush / Obama reality series in two years called how to financially bankrupt a country.

  11. for sure - I'm off TV Susan - thanx for th follow Stephen

  12. Congrats on exposing the city council. I don't think I will be able to bring myself to watch Palin's show.

  13. No free press -- no democracy. So much for being lame! Healthy, independent, unfettered media and a citizenry educated enough to understand what is being reported are the only things that uphold the Constitution, truth be told.

    I cannot stand Ms. Palin's politics, and I am saddened by her ignorance. For someone with her abysmal environmental record to be invited to host a show about the wilderness is just ludicrous. TLC should be ashamed.

    Congratulations on your win for investigative journalism. You should be proud. :)


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