Bored shiftless by Katy Perry

In random and listless moments I find myself thinking about Katy Perry. No. Not in that way.

I really do wonder what’s the point of Katy Perry because her music sounds like the bland tinkling stuff that emanates from department store escalators and, frankly, her eyes are too close together.

I realize this may make me sound shallow but at the end of a dull Friday at work writing about local politics, I don’t really care. George W. Bush’s eyes are also too close together. I rest my case.

Talking of shallow, I wonder if anyone has ever analyzed the lyrics of Perry’s songs. Has Harvard set up a course for Katy Perry lyrics studies? Cue images of bearded academics sitting in a circle pondering the meaning of “I kissed a girl, just to try it.”

“We can see the clear linkage and effect between this sentiment and some of the causational factors behind Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward…”

These lyrics are from Katie’s latest hit that’s called something so bland it’s slipped my mind. Something to do with teenagers.

Let's go all the way tonight
No regrets, just love
We can dance until we die
You and I
We'll be young forever

Well that’s profound isn’t it? It raises the rather existential question of how one can be young forever if they have just shuffled off their mortal coil dancing.

But at least Perry has given me some ideas for a Friday night. Yep – I am going to go all the way tonight. All the way to the ABC store that is.

Come to think of it there is one Perry song that I have time for. It contains the line: “You change your mind, like a girl changes clothes.”

I think I like her, come to think of it. She’s the best. Let’s make her an ambassador for world peace and let her adopt truck loads of kids from Malawi.


  1. Maybe she's one of those twilight vampires that seem to be so popular nowadays. They're supposed to be young forever, and bland.

  2. Lady got tiger as a wedding gift by her hubby ...hmmm ,a rumor anyways ! Your post got me curious so i checked out 'kissed a girl'in you tube and throughout the song i was getting 'what's wrong with you' look by my hubby .
    Have a great weekend David.

  3. My kids like her.. and she is cute..and damn her husband cracks me up.

    Her music however is not on my ipod. :)

  4. thanks for the comments guys, yup Russell is kind of funny..2 right Christopher, boring vampires.

  5. Lucky for me - I have never heard of Katy Perry. I must be very shallow indeed. REad your other post '100th'blog. When I started mine i often wrote 3 posts a day for two years, just to get everything out of my system - but that was on a South AFrican blogsite. Very tiny. I'm enjoying Blogspot very much and you're right - Vodka Logic is marvellous - she manages to find time to comment on lots of blogs. Gives a lot of encouragement.

  6. You must watch this video. Not a huge fan of hers, but this video makes me cry every time I watch it. Wonderful message.

  7. Ha! I was thinking the same thing about her when I first heard that song. It was like, "we're gonna dance till we....die? Seriously? Till we...die? That's the best you could do??"

  8. Hmm - I'd say you'd be more shallow if you were a an fiftyodd. OK Nubian, I'll check it out. lol Kathryn, one lame lyric.

  9. *snicker* Oh, I enjoyed this bit of snark. I don't think I've ever even heard one of her songs--I don't tolerate pop music in my house, so the kids know better, but I should probably confess that last time I was paying much attention, it was the Grunge era, and if Kurt Cobain can sing about eating drippings from the ceiling and have me like it, I'm not in much position to judge.

  10. Somebody must like her because she's never off the radio & tv!!! Talking about bad lyrics, have you heard some of the drivel Lennon & McCartney released.


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