The Daily Dire - pregnant Kim Zolciak and her Atlanta Falcons toyboy

This is the sort of story that makes me cringe, snort and throw up my arms in despair. In no particular order. Normally in the privacy of my own home.

It's in the Daily Mail and concerns Kim Zolciak who - for the uninitiated like me - is a star of Real Houswives of Atlanta and has apparently been made pregnant by her toyboy lover.

So woman who I have never heard of is dating toyboy, Kroy Biermann, who I have never heard of, who is actually only seven years younger than her anyhow. Oh and he's knocked her up and this is the story...

It's exactly what a former news editor and mentor would have described as a "bugger me" kind of story. He didn't mean it in the Etonian way.

For example, Cat caught making miowing noises in garden, Bird seen flying past house, Postal worker seen delivering mail, are all "bugger me" stories because that's the reaction they provoke. Actually the latter is a bit more remarkable in this day and age.

How about Politician is exposed as ethical? - now we are talking about something unusual enough to make front page news.

The Mail seems to think it can get away with a story about this vacuous nonentity by putting it in the Femail Today section. So here's the patronizing subtext. It's OK to feed women a diet of fluff stories because they are (err um) women.

The sad thing is the Mail has always attracted a larger female audience than any other British newspaper. But should we really continue building up reality TV stars to the point that they get delusions of grandeur?

Whatever next - they'll be gate crashing functions at the White House.

This is the most alarming line in the whole piece. "The star, who is promoting her new single, Google Me, isn't planning to walk down the aisle before the birth."

And I don't mean the bit about not walking down the aisle.

If this story doesn't grab you avid Mail readers can always check out. "Larger than life Snooki wears a rather unflattering dress to her birthday party."

I guess it was a close toss-up between this and mass genocide in Darfur.


  1. I stopped buying People magazine years ago because as long as I was buying it they were supplying the crud that makes my eyes bleed.

    As long as people buy the Mail we will be blessed with these profound articles.

    I am sure there are many journalists who just weep at this drivel.

  2. I hate it when real papers have this sort of stuff in them. The world was much better when you could tell the enquirer and the chicago sun times apart.

  3. Hi David.

    I liked your comment, and this post, so I'm a new follower.

    I agree wholeheartedly. It makes me nauseaus that these types of "stories" repeatedly make the headlines. I hate that "writers" get paid to write this crap, and that it sells.

    The solo restaurant venture is another fiasco. I can imagine it's only worse for men. Sorry.

    Happy Thanksgiving time, nonetheless.

  4. And last I read she was a lesbian.. who can believe any of this crap.. yep it's a bugger me alright.

  5. I never heard of them either, and I couldn't care less about what they've been up to. Bugger is a good way to describe it.

  6. thanks guys - so I give them them even more of the oxygen of publicity, albeit in a small way - oh well..

  7. nice pic of Easter Island maoai!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral


  8. Never heard of either of them, she looks like such a shy and retiring girl!!
    Non stories like this are always going to out sell the real news unfortunately.

  9. I thought I followed you before. Thanks for clarifying. At least I know I'm not going crazy. Well, I am, but not because of this blog-follow thing. It's more likely due to solo dining.


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