Robbie Williams - A Brit Naughty in the USA

I chanced on this video the other day and it made me wonder whatever happened to Robbie Williams. There's something rather appealing about seeing Robbie out west in Montana or Colorado or wherever this video is shot.

He looks a bit like an odd fish out of water on a horse, a naughty Brit in tight Union Jack jeans who is intent on getting frisky with the local girls - or at least one who looks like the lady who was a Mermaid from Splash.

Clearly, Robbie wanted to make a splash too, looking all moody in the hot tub, making eyes at the mermaid chick.

The video is funny on a number of levels, not least because Robbie grew up in Stoke On Trent, a place of grim back-to-back houses and beaten up chip shops. It's one of those places the train stops at on the West Coast Mainline to the great industrial cities of the north and you find yourself thankful you are not getting off at.

Robbie, by all accounts, was constantly in trouble at school. I doubt if he ever set eyes on a horse. He was selling double-glazing (not an expression you hear stateside) until he entered a talent show, joined the boy band Take That - and the rest is history.

He was married in 2010 after a couple of stints in rehab. The last media I can find on how was the cancellation of two concerts due to 'worrying test results.'

I'm hoping he's OK. It just wouldn't be the same if Robbie wasn's just a Brit naughty.


  1. Thanks for dropping by a while back. It's been a bit crazy in little corner of the world and my blog visits are few and far between lately. Glad to see you're still at it too.

    "Worrying test results" is an interesting way to cancel a concert. Couldn't just call it illness or health reasons or something less odd could they?


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