My Yellow Life in Instagram

I really decided it makes better sense to live life through Instagram. It cuts down on unnecessary conversation and it's pretty. It helps you drift away. Ever wanted to be in a meeting and when you are asked a difficult question to answer with a pastel like image? It keeps our mystique don't you think? Keeps our layers from being stripped away from us.

I like the idea of life through a variety of filters. We can take away the ugliness and give it the Mayfair treatment. Mayfair is classy. The second someone lands on it, you can hear their backside sizzle. Well that's not a classy notion.

My Instamood today is yellow. It's a color of awakenings and new beginnings, like the daffodils struggling to survive in the cold. Back in the mobile classroom some years ago there was a color wheel and they asked us our favorite colors. I rose my hand for yellow but I was alone in my choice. I liked it that way. Generally speaking you can live you life in yellow as long as you avoid yellow snow.

It's advice as enduring as the yellow sand dunes that stretch away for hundreds of miles in the Sahara of my imagination.


  1. Yellow isn't my favorite color, but I do like it. It's cheery and happy and beautiful.

    1. for real Patricia - we all need some yellow now..

  2. I've never been a fan of yellow either but after the drab white snow and grey winter, I would welcome yellow anything at this point.

  3. If I had to choose a color for Instagram or otherwise, I'd go blue. But yellow is better. It's upbeat yet mellow. Good choice, David.

    That cloud picture is awesome.



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