Ten things I miss about Virginia

I so can't wait to fly back to Virginia on Saturday. This evening I tried to make a mental list of what I've missed and came up with......

1 - Bland imitation fish and chips.
2 - Curries without any bite.
3 - concrete strip malls that stretch to the horizon and some.
4 - mowing the lawn in a soggy sweat fest
5 - those constructive visits by the MIL when I am helpfully made aware of my numerous flaws.
6 - hurricanes that threaten to turn the city into a bad day in Tripoli
7 - inexplicable sports played by men wearing motorcycle helmets
8 - some more MIL crap that I am too flawed to articulate right now
9 - stretch pants and their wearers in Wal-Mart
10 - One day of vacation to use any time I want to between now and 2045.

But at least it's cheaper to park and the parking spaces are a lot bigger.

At some point I'll post some photographs of England and reply to comments I've been too ignorant and distracted to over the last week. But I'm far too depressed to right now.


  1. Well, thank goodness you'll be back in plenty of time to shovel a foot or three of snow this winter, cuz I know you must love that too. ;-) (On the other hand, you have to admit that petrol's a lot cheaper here. The better to cruise the miles of parking lots.)

  2. Well, you missed the earthquake but sounds like you'll be back in time for the hurricane!

    Travel safe!


  3. Sorry your trip was so lousy. It's nice to be grateful for home and fake fish 'n chips.

    Stop by for a laugh.

  4. I'd be depressed at the prospect of returning to all that too.

    Just make sure you stock up on some good strong spices so you can make your own curries with bite.

  5. Har! Sounds like you've really missed Virginia...

  6. Sorry to hear that you are depressed. Sounds like you might be better off to stretch out your trip to England a little longer, if only to avoid the hurricane waiting for you in the U.S. at least. Maybe once you are back in the States you will be reminded of something here that you like. I hope so. Next time, perhaps you should ship your MIL off to England while you stay in Virginia!

  7. Welcome 'home'. Now go make a cup of weak tea.

  8. Wal-Mart! Can you imagine your first visit to the States and being brought to Wal-Mart? What would you think?

    Sometimes when I go there (under duress) I am amazed that these people live in the same vicinity as me. Not that I'm any prize, but WOW! The outfits!

    You are homesick for sure. Does that amaze you a bit?

  9. Hey Li - oh for sure. Cost me $130 to fill up a tank in the UK. Lol PM. Fortunately, I missed the hurricane too. ha Robyn - am adapting to bland fish and chips again.

  10. for sure Sarah - at least I can get them here. yup Talli - like a hole in the head. Great ideal Daisy - actually I extended it by two days because of the hurricane. Thanx Lidia - yay for tea.

  11. ha, don't you love Wal-Mart Deborah - at least it makes for some colorful blogs.


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