W is for Wedding

W is something of a non brainer given all the publicity currently being given to the Royal wedding on Friday.

During the Joy Behar show Larry King was asked about Will and Kate’s nuptuals and the old cadaver quipped back, asking her if a nuclear crisis was still going on in Japan, what about the war in Libya, Colonel Gaddafi etc., didn’t America have a revolution hundreds of years ago to escape from the infernal Royals?

Perhaps someone needs to tell the U.S. TV networks that it’s not a wedding of the American Royal Family.  The closest America gets to Royalty seems to be Donald Trump, judging by the amount of airtime he's getting.

In saying that you can’t really blame the U.S. networks for going big on this one as fairytale weddings don’t come along very often and usually the fairytale doesn’t last long anyway. To give Will and Kate their due, they have already tried the breaking up thing and still want to go through with this.

So the Royal wedding is a distraction from the ongoing torment in Japan and Libya with Syria next. It’s a nice feelgood story featuring two fairly young and presentable people.

My personal beef is the fact that the U.S. news networks seldom cover other news from Britain or elsewhere in the world unless there’s a cataclysm. Last year’s British General Election that led to the first hung Parliament in decades was historic, but didn’t get much air time over here.

And goings-on in countries such as France, Germany and Italy hardly get any air time unless it’s a murder trial featuring an American national, such as the Amanda Knox murder trial in Italy.

Despite my complaints I may well get up at 4 a.m. to watch the Royal wedding for a while. For a start I still have to drown those queasy memories of the last Royal Wedding between Charles and Camilla in 2005.

Hopefully this time most of the hoofs will belong to the horses in the wedding procession.

Kate and Will’s wedding bears the more obvious comparison with that of Charles and Diana in 1981.

When it comes to Royal weddings, it seems we are all unreconstructed lookists.


  1. I think the media has gone a little crazy with this but at least it's finally uplifting news that they're talking about non-stop. The world hasn't stopped turning for their wedding but weddings are supposed to do that...stop time and remind us of happiness and love. :) Great post.

  2. I whole-heartedly agree with you on this one. It's a nice change of pace to have some "happy" news - but the coverage this has been getting is overkill!

    (By the way - congrats on getting this far in the A-Z challenge - almost there!)

  3. You didn't.. I thought as a Brit out of Britain this might be the ONE place where I could expect NOT finding info on Kate & Wills... But nooo...

    I'm kidding. It is crazily over-covered in the media, but I don't mind too much. I read what I bother, and skip the rest. I'll probably watch parts of it on Friday too - mostly for the sake of the dress - and then do my best to forget about it. Even if it will be for the happy couple, this is hardly a life-changing event for the rest of us, after all.

  4. I'm one of those people that avoids ALL news stations like the plague. Doesn't matter what's being covered it is always one-sided and, as you point out, very ethnocentric.

    Haven't you been here long enough to realize how narrowly-focused Americans really can be?? LOL...

    It isn't that I'm not interested in what's going on in the world, I just can't handle the excitability and the overkill... it will be a lovely wedding and when all the hoopla dies down, I'll go back watch the coverage on it without all the mind-spinning fervor.

  5. I think there's something very traditional about it that Americans find appealing.

    As for international news -- what's that now? I believe we pretty much see ourselves as the center of the universe...


  6. I'll be watching it, with a bunch of other Brits in a friend's house. Should be fun and a good excuse to cheer blatantly and loudly in congratulation for the hopefully happy couple. I wish them all the best in this tricky world.

  7. "Old cadaver" hahaha! :D

    I won't be getting up at 3 or 4 in the morning to watch the wedding. I like my sleep too much. I'm sure I'll catch some coverage of it later in the day as they rerun it over and over.

  8. I guess you don't want everyone to know that you have a mug then?

  9. Kerrie and I are having a tea party on Friday morning to celebrate the wedding. I'm very excited!

    I think the media attention is appropriate right now. After so many disasters (Japan, oil spill, Egypt/Libya, etc.) I feel like the world needs a fairytale media sensation...not because we're all SO OBSESSED with Will & Kate but because we need a little good cheer and romance to brighten up our gloomy outlook on life...

    I'm not a fortune teller, but I have a feeling this marriage will last (at least for a lot longer than Di & Charles). After all, the two have been together for almost a decade. Plus, statistics say the older young people get married (28 to 35) the longer the marriage lasts because they are mature enough to handle and understand the responsibility...

  10. There was so much coverage (to use the term ironically) of Kate in her slinky attire boozing it up, I will never see her as royalty. I think that's alright, since she won't be for long. I give them 11 months, max.

  11. Horses couldn't drag me out of bed at that hour, but good for you!

  12. Thanx Jennee, glad you liked the post. for sure Oilfield. Thanks for the award Daft Scots Lass. Thanks for much ValleyWriter; the challenge has been a challenge at times. For sure Cruella, not sure if I'll notice the dress at 5am, tho. Sounds like you are going to watch it then e.a.s.

  13. you are right Pearl. It reinforces teh American kitchy family thing - until the divorce. Have a fun time watching it, Sarah. I know Daisy, remains to be seen if I will get up. Actually that's a cool mug Lidia, thanx. I'd agree re it being better than Chas and Di, Jennifer as they were mismatched from the start. Good luck with the party. Oh more than that Robyn, maybe. I know, thanks for the follow Angela.

  14. You think you have it bad? What about us here? Oh please let it stop. Somewhere someone has mentioned a bit of wind in the US, and then gone back to fussing about 'that dress!'
    The BBC World Service are giving it full coverage also. I knew their new boss was not up to the job.

  15. Yeah, I probably will.... I'm just one of those "oh, I'll watch it later" types :-P

  16. I vividly remember watching every second of William's parents Royal Wedding. It was just like a fairy tail. Just stopping by from the A-Z Challenge.

  17. Hey Adullamite - well maybe it's stopped now. Um probably not,. actually. Well I didn't see the whole thing e.a.s. - thanks Sandy and thanks for the follo


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