Why the snow has become Britney Spears

It must have been at least two weeks since the big snowfall, but you still see the stuff hanging around at times at the sides of parking lots, like an unwelcome guest at a party, now black, stained and swept into corners so as passers-by can throw cigarette butts in it.

Or like this huge heap, black and stained by the jail in Newport News, forgotten about and out of sight and out of mind like most of the inmates and this part of town.

Sometimes I point it out a heap of spoiled snow used as a trash depository in  the parking lot of a strip mall to my daughter with a wry smile playing on my face.

"Want to play in the snow?"

"Ugh, Daddy," she'll respond.

Snow angel? Dirt angel more like.

The snow has gone from being fresh and falling news and a dazling new act to being a washed out afterthought. The snow is a child star who has lost her allure. The snow is Britney Spears.

Until it hits me one more time.


  1. "The snow is Britney Spears"

    That is one helluva metaphor my friend.

  2. That is a very good comparison.

    Although I wouldn't turn Britney away if she showed up in my bed naked. Although her craziness would mean she wouldn't be spending the night when I was done.

  3. Hey Tim - how's it going? That's what you call a hurried blog post. right OT, probably not an over likely scenario, tho.

  4. Ha, that comparison cracked me up. We got another fresh coat today though so we probably wont see that stuff till may.

  5. I just didn't see that one coming. Perfect analogy!

  6. This is a hilarious and yet sadly true analogy. :P

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  8. RIP Justine Bieber was trending on Twitter the other day and it made me think of you! I had to come and read this post even though I'll now think of dirty snow AND you when I hear about Britney Spears!

    Is this some clever mind manipulation thing you are doing?!

    Rapunzel x
    *Tales from the Tower*

  9. It kinda makes me sad that Britney is old, dirty, dog-peed-on, snow.

    However, the parallel is perfect. Again, sad!

  10. Thanks Christopher and Daisy, glad you liked it. Thanks for dropping by Rayna, maybe I was a bit harsh Jennifer, but what has she done lately? Thax Rapunzel. My Justin blog went crazy and then died. I dond't get it. Yeah Debroah, dirty old dog peed on Britney...oh dear.


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