Inspirationless Friday

Inspirationless Friday is the day when you pay a visit to the ideas store and realize it's almost dry; apart from a couple of packets of Ramen noodes on the shelf.

This is not a good thing when your whole existence involves generating ideas and writing them down.

I blame officials and too many meetings; too much talk and too little action. I was at a meeting this week when I had been reliably informed a certain item would be deferred. I had written up a story on this pretext and was smugly sitting there at 8:45 p.m. waiting to push the send button.

Then I got concerned because the conversation started to take a negative tone. It suddenly appeared as if the whole policy would be ditched. My laptop started making a low battery bleeping tone. When one of the most verbose council members said: "I will try to make this brief" I knew I was doomed.

The policy was thrown out 15 minutes later but not before my laptop had died on deadline.

The daily grind can make us die too; inspiration can easily wither away and be replaced by worry.

Should I be consumed with worry over the fact that if the person who's viewing the rental house today doesn't sign on the dotted line we are headed for Default Towers?

Yes but not, really. There are people dying in flood waters in Brazil and Australia.

When in need of a massive withdrawal from the inspiration bank I have a habit of opening the nearest book and pulling out a random quotation. Here goes....

"Your castle is surprised; your wife and babes
Savagely slaughtered; to relate the manner,
Were on the quarry of these murdered deer,
To add the death of you."

OK here's to giving the random quotation bank a miss. And here's to a Friday when no castles are surprised.


  1. Yesterday while in the middle of a office meltdown, I saw a homeless man beg for change outside. Somehow I made the wee "Tizzy" meaningless. Sometimes I feel like burning all of my possessions and starting over with the wife, kids, and a van.
    Good Luck....

  2. Yes, whenever I'm being my most bratty self, something happens that puts me right back in my place. It's the way I like it I think.

  3. Good thing for ATM cards. Even when there's no funding to access, they give us a false sense of inspiration and the promise of payback in the future. Hang in.

  4. Sounds like a rough time there. Hope you get everything all worked out. I had to attend city council meetings for one of my old jobs. Talk about frustrating and boring.

  5. yes Sausage Fingers - it's true. Saw a homeless man myself today and thought the same. Twas a daily grind week, Oilfield. Sure you are never bratty, Deborah. Credit cards are better Robyn. Well to be fair it's part of the job Christopher and hey, this week wasn't as bad as last week.

  6. You know those words we have to type in some comment boxes to prove that we're real people? I've been thinking of using them as inspiration. Before you say I'm mad, they can't be much less inspirational than the piece you unearthed can they?

    Sending sympathy for meetings. Ugh.

  7. Just got "kingue" for that word verification - it's got potential I think. and the next one's "infess" surely something to do with a private confession?

  8. Ha, ha Sue - and not much less inspirational than this post. I promise the next one is more interesting. There are a few more infessions..

  9. I don't mind the daily grind. A long time ago, I had a dream of living and working in a big city. Our love of spacious, modern properties won over my desire to live in the centre of London but that dream of working in one of the financial capitals of the world persists. It is why I want to leave my current company now because I don't feel that they are on the pulse.


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