Guest Blog #7 - Learning to Swim - Vodka Logic

In the beginning, to misquote some famous book or other, there was vodka. Vodka Logic was one of my earliest followers back in the day when my blogisphere resembled the hollow surface of the moon. Let's face it, there's a logic to vodka. Just not at this time in the morning when I find myself implausibly awake.

Learning to Swim-A true story

I was learning to swim,
At the age of eight,
Back in the summer of '68.

The water was clear,
I didn't think I was ready,
Mother reassured, and kept me steady.

The old castle had fallen,
The water it's moat.
Would I be able to stay afloat.

A fortnight we stayed,
In Wales on holiday.
In a Roman home made of stone and hay.

I finally jumped in,
With inflatable swimmers.
And closed my eyes to the waters glimmers.

Afraid at first,
I splashed about.
Trying to be brave and not shout.

Mother stands close,
And my sisters cheer.
The other shore didn't seem so near.

I kept on trying,
And stayed in the water.
Wanting to swim, the youngest daughter.

The moat and me,
All through the day.
And by sundown......I was swimming away.


  1. Ah yes. Swimming. How I do love thee :)

  2. Thanks for letting me guest post.. look at all the followers now.

    I love the way you put it. "there's a logic to vodka" May I use that?

  3. Nice poem. I remember learning to swim. I never was very good at it and still am not, but at least I can keep myself afloat for a little while. This captures the experience well. :)

  4. thanks for the comments guys and the submission, Laura - of course you can.

  5. There's a rock pool we go to sometimes; it's where I learnt to swim and every time we visit I can can see myself as a little child with my parents hovering. Your poem brought back the same memories.

  6. Well.

    You had me at "Vodka". Obviously.

    And I enjoyed the poem, as well.


  7. Rock pools are great, Sue. Yeah, I know PM. Thanks for your guest blog..

  8. I can only imagine the joys of Vodka and that goes for swimming too...funny, considering the fact that we are a country with long coastlines and few of us actually learn to swim.....liked the words especially the last para...


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