Dreams of nakedness and the school bully

This is how dreams should look; like the Birth of Venus by Botticelli in which the goddess emerges from the sea as a full grown woman. There are lots of aqua colors, shells and nice wavy edges.

Sadly my dreams don't look anything like this.
Take last night, for instance. I had that recurring no clothes dream. I was in a town square, somewhere in Dreamland when somebody suggested everybody should take off their clothes. Of course, I obliged.

But some time later I realized that I was the only person wearing no undergarments. Funnily enough I was walking around and talking to people and nobody seemed to notice. But I was keen, to say the least, to get to a bus stop where my undergarments were located. But every time I showed up at the bus stop, they no longer seemed to be there. When I asked people: "Have you seen my underpants," they just blithely shrugged their shoulders.

The unusual thing about this is if I was at a bus stop and some guy with no clothes showed up and asked if I had seen his underpants, I would probably dial 911.

According to the website Dreammoods.com the naked dream is fairly common. It may be telling you that you are trying to be something that you really are not. Yeah - successful.

The other bizarre aspect to my dreams is they frequently include the fat kid from school, who I will call Adam. In my daily life I haven't given a flying thought to this guy for 27 years. So how come he shows up in my dreams all the time?

The stereotypical fat kid story, from the Lord of the Flies on, would have it that the class fat kid is weak, bespectacled and a target for bullies. Well Adam wasn't like that. He was the school bully. His unexpected belly attacks on entering the changing room are part and parcel of the heart of darkness that was my schooling.

So it's rather disconcerting that I still dream of Adam rather than the pretty girls who were in my class. Come to think of it, that's stretching it somewhat. There was a lot of inbreeding in our neighborhood.

But I wouldn't mind dreaming of a couple of the girls who possessed their own teeth, rather than Adam.

I wonder what Freud would make of my dream. He's probably say it alluded to the possibility of sex with an eight legged elephant.

I need to research this whole dream thing further.


  1. I just finished (last night) a wonderful enlightening books on the research of dreams. It is called The Mind at Night...here is the amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Mind-Night-New-Science-Dream/dp/0465070698/ref=pd_ys_iyr3

  2. Well, if you do anything at all with an eight-legged elephant, I sure hope you write about it here! HA HA! :-D

  3. Thanks Fluid, sounds well worth further research. May hold that post until New Years Eve, Daisy.

  4. Interesting. But as far as I know, dreams are mostly just flashbacks of memories that we had, and maybe blended with some thoughts that we had during the normal days. Do tell us about your research? haha. thanks for the thoughts sharing. :)

  5. The details of your dream are rather humorous. I like how people just nonchalantly informed you that they had not seen your underpants. I've had naked dreams, but wasn't so resourceful as to ask people where my clothes were. xo

  6. Interesting dream.

    My ex analyzes dreams. She has tons of books on the subject.

  7. So in reading this post the one question going through my warped mind was, boxers or briefs?

    I need to be analyzed.

  8. At least it's nice Adam doesn't make indecent proposals. I hope:)

  9. Hey Gabiel - can't recall that being for real, have also blanked out the night in the cell. Oh yeah Robyn, tracking down clothes is part of the fun. Thanx Oilfield. I'm a novice on this one but not sure it means much. Tsk Lidia - what makes you think it was either? Let's hope not, Olga. Adam was too much or an erudite name for me to use. His real name was Alan. But don't tell anyone.

  10. I wish my dreams were as beautiful as that painting...sigh.

    That's hilarious and weird that you still dream of that kid from school. It's so bizarre and fascinating how dreams work sometimes. I've always thought dream interpretation was cool, even though it may not be entirely accurate. Well, who knows. :P It just seems that kid made a pretty big impact on you somehow...

    When I was a kid, I used to have this same dream over and over again about being on a sailboat in the middle of nowhere. I always wondered if there was something profound about it, or if I was just nuts. Lol.

    I hope you have a terrific NYE! Any fun plans?

  11. That's a nice dream Jennifer. No idea what it means, though, although there are quite a few websites out there that suggest meanings. Hope you have a terrific NYE too. Just plan to spent it in typical journalist style so probably won't remember a lot tomorrow!

  12. The naked dream. How leveling is that yes? Kinda reassuring to know that many of us have it.

    I have the falling dream at times as well. Not a fan!

  13. Atleast you don't have nightmares of your Ex MIL taunting you in front of her relatives at 3.am....or of blanking out in your board (Gecis/Sat level??) exam even after 2 decades....


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