Paris Hilton and the era of the oxygen thieves

Forget the election and the ability of the House of Representatives to find unattractive speakers - the big news of the day was surely the fact Demi Lovato, is pulling out of a concert tour with the Jonas Brothers to seek treatment for "emotional and physical issues."

This is mildy disconcerting because I thought young stars were meant to become famous before they had a meltdown; think Britney, Lindsay and Paris Hilton.

Lovato is apparently a star of the Disney channel but I wouldn't know her if she walked past me in the street, which is frankly unlikely, although I'm sure my daughter would recognize her instantly.

Maybe one of Lovato's advisors can tell her she needs to become more high profile before she goes bonkers. If she needs a role model there's always Charlie Sheen, who was recently found half naked and trashed in his hotel room after a screaming women in his closet raised the alarm, and is now divorcing wife number three - that's the one he's accused of pulling a knife on.

I have Charlie to thank for proving life does begin at 40; even if it's not quite the kind of one I want to lead.

In saying that there would be something mildly amusing about telling my co-workers on a Monday when asked about my weekend. "It was OK - apart from the screaming porn star locked in my closet" rather than. "Took the kids to the zoo. Went to Food Lion."

Charlie like Lindsay Lohan has successfully achieved the status of becoming an 'oxygen thief' - a star who is using up air and airspace that could be put to a more charitable use like feeding the homeless, although, to be fair, at least Charlie still has a show and evidence of talent.

In contrast stars like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are famous for being famous and are best known for exposed cleavage, sex tapes etc. and being generally rich and annoying.

The best parallel across the pond is Katie Price, known as Jordan, who proved it is possible to build a career on the shifting foundations of 30 G breasts. This hasn't stopped Price managing to hug the headlines for the best part of a decade due to dubious stunts and liaisons and her willingness to take part in vacuous reality shows.

Jordan even ran in the 2001 British General Election using the slogan "For a Bigger and Betta Future," on a manifesto promising free breast implants, more nudist beaches and a ban on parking tickets.

She has a way to go to rival Paris before she becomes Queen of the Oxygen Thieves.


  1. really some inspiring people on the television these days

  2. true - I'd rather poke put my eye with a blunt instrument than watch The Kardashians

  3. Ah finally, someone agrees with my rants. I have no clue why the media even gives them ink! Ah yes I forgot, for those people who don't have anything better to do with their lives than buy gossip mags and drool. 'Oxygen thieves', I love it!

  4. :) I don't mind Paris Hilton as she is usually far, far away but Katie Price is just... everywhere. Yuck.

  5. Glad you like oxygen thieves - you are right re Katie. I guess because Britain's smaller she gets more exposure.

  6. As my grandad would say whilst shaking his head 'a sure case of way too much way too soon'

  7. Love your acid humour! In South AFrica, we have just been exposed to the sordid autobiography of a young cricketer, Herschelle Gibbs (how much of a life has he had so far?) All about sex and scandals of match-fixing. And the young man boasts that he has never read a book in his life. I am sorry to say the book is flying off the shelves. What a world.


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