Who's been a silly Weiner then?

When I recently blogged about some of the problems politicians have with keeping their pants up never in my wildest imagination did I imagine some guy called Weiner would end up in a scandal that involved tweeting his bits and bobs.

There are many remarkable facets to the Weiner scandal but it says much about the low standards in politics these days that Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner, took well over a week to resign and only then because of the “distraction” he created.

Weiner obviously didn’t seem to believe the action itself of sending images of his excitable underpants out there into cyberspace, was grounds enough alone to call it a day.

If I had been this politician, the shame alone would have me revoking my oath, or whatever politicians do, faster than it would take Hugh Hefner to rip his erstwhile prospective Missis off the cover of Playboy.

Because even by the recent low standards set by politicians this plumbs the depths on the Dumbometer. Clinton and Edwards may have thought there was a good chance they wouldn’t be caught. Even the governor who took the Appalachian Trail via Argentina may have thought it an ‘unorthodox but plausible excuse.’

But if you post your body parts over the Internet for the world to see, there’s very little wriggle room, if you’ll excuse the pun, to declare: “Not me guv.”

Apparently this scandal may derail Weiner’s attempt to become New York’s Mayor for a couple of years but he’ll probably be back. His website promised how he would ensure “all New Yorkers get a shot at a good life.”

Instead they got shots of his pants in a state of excitement and a good laugh.

But at least it’s been entertaining.

The whole Weiner saga has been a farce. Even the press conference where Weiner said he would resign was disrupted by a heckler who shouted "pervert" and later yelled insulting questions as Weiner spoke.

“The heckler turned out to be a writer for shock jock Howard Stern who goes by the name Benjy Bronk, and he offered little explanation for why he taunted Weiner,” CNN reported.

This could spell further bad news for Weiner. Benjy Bronk sounds like a Swedish gentleman. Is he perhaps a relative of Elin Nordegren, the estranged wife of Tiger Woods? We are told Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin is returning home from the Middle East.

It’s unclear if she’s stopped off at Sweden to pick up some tips, not to mention a couple of golf clubs, from Elin.

In the words of my son, in fact the only words he seems to be grasping right, now: “Uh oh.”


  1. I wish he would not have left office, I wanted to see all of the other women come out of the woodwork.

  2. "Uh oh" is right....

    Though, with a name like 'Weiner', what else would you expect for him to do with his life---- I think I might have been disappointed if he didn't live up to his namesake....

  3. I can't help but think that he must not be much brighter than a box of rocks if he thought he could do such a thing and not get caught.

  4. I just don't get it. Has arrogance surpassed intelligence?

  5. i read the news. what on earth was he thinking! or maybe his twitter was hacked? but he really is a massive disappointment.

  6. CNN reported "He offered little explanation" for taunting Weiner? I don't think anyone needed explanation. Sometimes reporters are nearly as stupid as the idiots who do this stuff. And I wonder if Weiner's "treatment/rehab" will include "Twitter for Dummies."
    I always enjoy your takes on stupid scandal etc., David.

  7. Haha I agree with Robyn. Nobody needs to offer an explanation for heckling Weiner. He handed us that opportunity on a platter when he put his private parts on public display!

    This whole situation is a joke. This guy is a total nutcase and I feel incredibly sorry for the naive woman who married him and now has to spawn his child.

    I know not ALL politicians are scandalous, but I'll keep my odds of public humiliation down by not marrying one. :P

  8. The guy that Mr. Weiner wrongfully accused of hacking his twitter account is feeling rather pleased now that the truth has come out. While I couldn't care less what someone does in their personal life, posting one's junk over a social networking site is sheer stupidity. A person with such poor judgment probably isn't the best representative of the people.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. You guys sure have entertaining politicians who can't stay still. :P

  11. I would say that Weiner has been prematurely ejected from any further public office. ;)

  12. Oh I am so behind on my comments. That would have been fun, Oilfield. for sure e.a.s. how can you take someone called Weiner serioulsy? I know Daisy - he was meant to be bright but doh. Well he does seem arrogant, Lidia. I know Maria, but sort of entertaining, eh? thanx Robyn. There is much to be said for Twitter for Dummies. Marrying a politician is probably not a great idea, Jen. Forn sure Empress - hard to believe. I think that sums it up Sarah, lol. never a dull moment, Rek. uewww but true, Jayne


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