on avatar sex and basketball sized breast enlargements

Oh my giddy aunt. I'm watching a show called Taboo on National Geographic which proves there is some originality and bravardo left on TV.

At present the show features a "very happy family man" from Florida called Kevin who is part of a virtual game called Real Life in which the guy is the avatar Stroker.

Shortly after taking the kids to the park and maybe before dinner, Kevin (or rather Stroker) will be on the computer having virtual sex with a female avatar controlled by some woman from Texas.

Oh and Stroker even has sex with his daughters in Real Life.

Now his wife may put up with this but call me Victorian and all that but I'm thinking Kevin's a very sick bunny.

Now the show has moved on to a woman called Shayla who has had so many cosmetic procedures that she's had ribs banged out to make her slimmer. And she's had so many breast procedures her breasts are now as big as basketballs.

This is perhaps easier to explain away than Kevin's issues. It's thought Shayla has BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) which is a type of chronic mental illness in which you can't stop thinking about a flaw with your appearance, in Shayla's case her no longer so flat chest.

I didn't like that segment so much as it entailed gory operations.

Oh and how sick is this? A woman from Russia who want longer legs has checked into a hospital to have them broken and stretched.

"I think I will be far more confident after my legs are longer and I can get married," she said.

So that would be totally worth the pain, the risk of amputation and three months in bed for an extra inch for $26,000 then?

This wasn't at all entertaining. Now we're on to a lady boy from Thailand whose getting himself a new face. It's called facial feminization. Suddenly it strikes me that Taboo is featuring too many gory surgical procedures. This isn't cricket mate. What happened to the woman on the trailer who has a sexual obsession with her automobile. Or the grown man who likes to wear a diaper?

Or, for the matter, the lusty Welshman who likes to get on his welly boots and race up the hillside to give his sheep the willies?

Time for a spot of taboo of my own. There's a doughnut in the kitchen that has my name on it.

How did you spend your Wednesday night?


  1. Just goes to prove that there are freaks hiding in every nook and cranny. The sheep shagger made me laugh. As for Mr. Sick Bunny, I say lets turn a pack of Navy SEALS on him and be done with it.
    Suddenly I have a hankering for doughuts...

  2. for sure Empress. I'd say doughnuts are the answer to a lot of global problems.

  3. Double spin class, 75 lunges and just as many squats. But I would've enjoyed the gory surgery parts. I'm sad they took away the surgery channel years ago. Then again, I'm a science geek.

  4. And when you say 'give the sheep the willies,' does that mean what I think it means?

  5. oh no way Anna - not the chisel through the bone in a Russian hospital to break legs...

  6. Hmmm...I'm not sure if the show will make it to this part of the world. To Thailand may be.

    I was thinking like Anna there, until you responded David. Reminds me of this Aussie who was doing it to the sheep and when a tourist asked "Are you shearing?", he replied "Certainly not matey, you'll have to find one for yourself".

    I was Blog-Hopping all night Wednesday.

    Life on The Farm

  7. that sounds like a show i don't want to watch unless it's for the freak factor. i spent my wed night writing about a raggedy old doll & then watching ANTM.

  8. There is nothing I could say which would top Empress's comment.

  9. LOL...Well, my wednesday night wasn't nearly as exciting as yours... I spent mine at work. Though, I'm now wishing I had taken doughnuts with me for lunch as they are indeed the answers to all life's problems :-)

  10. Ewww that avatar sex maniac sounds horrific! And it makes me sad we live in a world obsessed with plastic surgery. There is a reason we were born a certain way...I mean, I'd love to have longer legs like the next girl, but it's just common sense that you don't have ridiculously expensive and pointless surgeries to "fix" it. I can't even imagine the setbacks that woman will be facing as she gets older...the long-term effects are probably dismal. :(

    But you're right, the show should feature some of the more legit freaks, who go out and do original crazy shenanigans! Like, when I was in high school, Loveline (the MTV sex doctor show) used to get calls from all sorts of freaks. Like a guy who couldn't get turned on unless he was petting his dog. Or a woman who couldn't orgasm without quoting Jim Carrey from The Mask. No surgery required! Let's focus on those people!

  11. I can honestly say that is a show I would not watch, yikes! On Wednesday I headed back from Brighton, went to band practice and tried to sing while nursing a hangover from the day before. I'd probably have been better off watching that programme after all! Hope you have a good weekend.

  12. I don't watch the sad freak shows but I am addicted to Dr 90210. I just love his wardrobe and can't believe that so many young teenagers are having huge breast implants. Nevertheless, I watch, fascinated. Can't remember what I did on Wednesday night, probably surfed the channels with hubby, found nothing, went to bed about 9.30 and read. Oh, yes, we watched half a re-run of "An Officer and a Gentleman".

  13. ha Grandpa, doubt if it will make it to Thailand. Sounds a fun weds Sherilin, although I find wednesdays generally suck. For sure Oilfield. I'd say doughnuts go a long way e.a.s. Lol Jennifer, they are more fun. Was the Jim Carrey woman for real? I'm jealous Frog, Brighton is cool. sounds better than my weds, fiftyodd..

  14. I'll never look at dunkin doughnuts the same way again.


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