A storm approaches

On the indistinct water's edge where the crumbling land meets Hampton Roads, these fishermen seemed to be more wary of my camera than the approaching storm.
Behind me Tidewater Community College was a low slung and abandnoned mass of concrete bunkers following the recent relocation of the Suffolk campus.
In front of me trash blew across the tumbled breakwaters and into the oily water, to float away north to the darkening towers and coal mountains of Newport News.
The fisherfolk also seemed fleeting, transitory and wary of identification.
The storm was already swallowing up the western sky, shutting out the blue like a curtain of iron, while the wind was whipping up the water.
If the fishermen were fazed by it all they didn't show it as they continued to cast out their rods with scarcely a glance to the western skies.


  1. Fisherman are a rare breed, stubborn too.. the pictures are beautiful

  2. What stunning photos! The penultimate photograph is my favorite, with that swirl of opening sky. I enjoyed the narrative, too; I felt the storm's ominous approach.

    I hate it when people notice the camera and get nervous (or send the cops, which happened to me once).

  3. thanks folks - appreciate the comments; wow - send the cops is sort of extreme. Maybe these guys were illegally fishing.

  4. David, I'm really in awe of your pictures!
    Extremely beautiful!!
    Thank you so much for your wonderful comments.
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


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