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Whatever Happened to The (American) Heroes?

There's a song by The Stranglers called Whatever Happened to the Heroes. It describes how Leon Trotsky "got an ice pick that made his ears burn." The theme is "no more heroes anymore."

I'm not convinced the Machiavellian Trotsy was a hero. A visionary, perhaps. But there are certainly no more heroes anymore.

The American hero has been on his last legs for a while. He's that Monty Python knight who fights on limbless. He's riding out into the sunset on a horse with no name. This realization hit me with the deaths of John McCain and Burt Reynolds.

McCain, as we know, was a real-life hero who endured torture and went on to do great things. I don't know much about Reynolds' personal life but he was a loveable kind of all America tough guy who loomed large on the screens of my childhood. I never really rated him as an actor. Some of his characters were downright annoying. Then I reassessed my opinion after seeing his Oscar-nominated performance i…

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