Lessons to Learn from Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's Split

So the latest Hollywood spit - oh no I stand corrected "conscious uncoupling" - is between actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay singer Chris Martin.

What exactly can we learn from this beyond the phenomenal success of relationships between American woman and British blokes - Madonna, Katy Perry blah. I assembled a panel of eminent relationship experts and compiled a list. Then I abandoned the list and concluded simply...

If two people as mutually smug as Gwyneth and Chris who name their kids after electronic products cannot make it work, what chance is there for us mere mortals?

Although we may go into marriage with the bestest of intentions, marriage, in fact, stifles the very factors that fuel it in the first place due to the imposition of routines and over familiarity. The passion, the longing etc. Only when we start to come out the other side do we see beyond the insignificant things that madden us to get an appreciation of the whole picture of what we had as it slides away. You don't appreciate paradise until someone shoves a parking lot up your rear quarters etc.

I'm not sure about "conscious uncoupling." I am more of an advocate of "unconscious uncoupling" as evidenced by my newly found and rather surprising mutual fixation with a Baptist.

Perhaps things make more sense in Gwyneth and Chris' world as depicted in the actresses' blog Goop where rebranding seems to be the order of the day.

“Youthful Journey-Finding” = When daughter Apple says “I want to go to Dad’s house where there’s candy!”

“Maintaining Post-Pleasure Tranquility” = translated as make sure my new boyfriend sneaks out before kids wake up

“Embracing Joyous Change” = Introducing kids to new boyfriend

“Accepting a New Element” = Introducing kids to dad’s new girlfriend

“Intergenerational Quality Time for Love and Learning” = When Grandma shows up for two weeks so you can go to Fiji with new boyfriend.

And so on. You get the picture...


  1. Good lord. Is that for real? She really wrote that?

  2. I prefer this to the 'oh no you don't' and then that horrible sound of a gun! But the demise of marriage seems to be the way the world is going.People don't need people anymore!

    1. well maybe they do need them but not so much an 'in your face' total way as before

  3. And then there's unconscious coupling, which I used to get on a regular basis. Oh, how I miss my 20s...


    1. yes unconscious coupling - usually after vodka and red bull - those were the days!

  4. .......after 33 years of happy marriage, what exactly am I doing right...?
    (Ok - there's been the odd roller-coast-of-emotions moment but basically......perhaps it's finding out that your own ego is not more important than sharing life with someone else....?)

  5. And that's why I stay firmly fixed in the la la land of my unconscious where there are no rules :)


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