Bring Out Your Dead Posts - Guest Blog Month Reminder

I blogged some time ago about how July is Guest Blogging Month because it's just too hot and sweaty around these parts for me to blog. Better to find a shady corner to sit in and moan about the heat.

I had forgotten briefly about Guest Blogging Month but have now remembered. Thanks to everyone who agreed to send me a guest post. You know who you are. At least I hope you do because I'm buggered if I do. But I have a list somewhere. Let's see. Err.

And there's still a chance for those of you who have been waking up in the night, worried that you are not taking part to join up. There are no sign up sheets or the like, just email me your post.

I'm fine with old, recycled or plain dead. Feel free to send an image of yourself, your favorite cat or your aunt Mable's false teeth.

In the meantime enjoy this Monty Python sketch.....


  1. I don't have a post to send you but I can't resist commenting on this sketch. Have totally loved it since I was a kid. :D

  2. So hot and humid. So hating it.


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