A-Z Blogging Challenge Reflections

Like those last minute days on the A-Z challenge, my reflections piece is soundly in the spirit of the hapless last minute, the coffee that slops over the sleeves of your rain coat as you run for the train.

So better, perhaps, if I wimp out and say I wholeheartedly agree with my good blogging pal Tim Riley.

I got fewer new followers than I hoped but more hits. My A-Z blog hopping was haphazard like a frog after a few pints of absinthe.

Of course I made some great new friends and received insights into new lives and new vistas. Of course it changed my life.

Will I take part next year? Probably not. I'm always looking out for a new thing and believe a concept is shrivelled up after the second time round. Tim had a great idea. I can't remember what it was but it was better than anything I could have thought up.

On to the next my friends.


  1. Well, you did great and earned a hapless moment or many.


  2. You intrigue me with the concept of an absinthe-drinking frog...I bet he'd wear a top hat and carry a little cane, too, wouldn't he? ;-)

    Some Dark Romantic

  3. I think it is always a great challenge to commit to these massive blog challenges! I find it challenging enough to commit to all 8 episodes of a TV series nevermind 26 posts in as many days.

    For my part, I see my comments are still missing from your posts, obviously caught up by your spam filter!

  4. Your posts were interesting whenever I managed to venture in the musical world you recreated. Will have to back and check in leisure.
    I have never seen an absinthe drinking frog, don't see them normal ones unless its monsoon time.
    Don't worry a couple of blogfests, here and there and you'll hit 200...what would you do if all of them chose one post to comment on? :)

  5. Loving the absinthe drinking frog analogy. lol Does he also sing "Michigan Rag"?

  6. Too funny! I'm picturing the absinthe addled frog...what a neat concept lol. Glad you did the challenge this year. Was great meeting you and reading/listening to your posts throughout.


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