Passing on a Kreativ Blogger award to lucky you

I recently received a Kreativ blogging award from  Mina Lobo at Some Dark Romantic who is clearly my favorite Goth mom of all time; although to be fair I'm not sure I have met any others.

Lust, bitterness, & despair look great on her, apparently. Of course it looks great on all of us once we reach a certain age. Just as Brut 33 smelled good on us when we were 15.

So thanks Mina. I don't receive many awards, probably because I can be too lazy to pass them on as is correct etiquette in polite blogging society. Indirect thanks to Tracy for giving the award to Mina.

The rules are I have to pass this on to six (oh so lucky - you will hate me in the morning) people and say 10 things about myself that nobody knows. It's hard to narrow it down to six deserving bloggers, even harder to find 10 things about myself that I haven't bored folks about on numerous occasions on Brits. OK so one can but try.

1 - Betty Manousos - Cut and Dry - Betty is officially the world's nicest blogger. She spends ages saying positive things on other people's blogs (even mine) and posts pictures that make me nostalgic for the Devon coast.

2 -Jayne at Suburban Soliloquy - Jane's blog is so highbrow I sometimes have to read her posts twice. I feel like reaching for the dunce's cap and I passed my 11 plus (I think).

3 - I Know, Right by Jennifer Fabulous - No shortlist is complete without Jen on it (obviously).

4 - Mollie at OK in UK - Mollie is sort of me in reverse. She's from America but transplanted in an extreme part of England.

5 - Robyn Alana Engel - Life by Chocolate - Make a point of not reading her dating ads. from men posts at stuffy formal functions because you will a - get an inferiority complex re being a man and b - people may not be very impressed when you wet youself in public.

6 - Abi at Happy Frog and I - heartwarming stuff that will remind you of how completely stupid you were in the Eighties and that your affinity for Doctor Who is bordering on dorkdom.

And 10 things folks may not know about me.

1 - I convinced my daughter I was the first man on the moon by showing her photographs of Neil Armstrong and telling her a stone from the garden was a moon rock. She now thinks I am a pathological liar.

2 - I only lie when my lips move.

3 - I always wanted to be a top musician but failed the recorder rest and had to make do with banging the triangle in the school play.

4 - I didn't talk to anyone for my first three years of school but spent six months convinced I was a helicopter. Yeah I was really weird for a while back there.

5 - The Eighties didn't look great on me either. But I had this sad delusion I looked good in pointed pixie boots, skin right jeans with red stripes, a yellow string vest and Sun In sprayed in my hair.

6 - I had an odd addiction to the novels of Thomas Hardy when the rest of my class hated his guts.

7 - I support Liverpool because the school bully tried too force me to support Manchester United.

8 - I am the only journalist in Britain to ever interview a suicide bomber. Unfortunately he didn't tell me his intention at the time and I had erased the tape by the time everybody got interested.

9 - I once had a conversation with Emma Thompson on Hampstead Heath without realizing who she was.

10 - I have an aversion to revealing secret things about myself.


  1. Oh, David - there *is* no other Goth Mom. C'mon, now...

    Re: #5 - Pictures, please!!!!! ;-)

    I think points 8 and 9 demand their own blog posts (or have you already written them and I'm just too lazy to find them?). (You needn't address the "lazy" bit of the question, as I already know the answer to it.)

    Some Dark Romantic

    1. This is very true Mina. Um. Sadly much evidence is destroyed (gutted about that) there may be a pic in an attic thousands of miles away - 8 sort of - see U is for underground -

    2. Yowza. That's pretty creepy, Dude.

  2. #9 - I really wanna know how you didn't recognise her. That's so weird. And the Thomas Hardy obsession too!

    1. yes Starla - that's because I am weird lol

  3. Don't feel bad about the music thing. The world needs triangle players too! ;) Congrats on the award, David!

    1. thanks Daisy - I think I'll live without the musical genius thing - didn't help the guy in Shine much.

  4. Oh David, I'm honored. The mere thought of my potential for making men wet their pants at snooty functions - wow, I couldn't ask for more! THANKS.

    Funny post. I really like the lie you told your daughter and the fact she didn't believe you.

    Thanks again for the honor. =)
    Happy weekend.


    1. No probs Robyn - a richly deserved pant wetting award - have a good one too Davidx

  5. David- Congrats on your Kreativ Blogger award, and thanks for passign it along to lucky me. (But you do know I tend to break the rules, right?) :)

    Highbrow. (Ha! If you only knew...)

    So, do you talk when you write? Oh, and I'm going to have to go back and take a look at your U post. Mina's not the only one who wants hard evidence. ;)

  6. Oh I know sorry Jayne - it's a pain in the butt. Hey I don't talk when I write.

  7. This is wicked awesome of you. Of all the crap you could've picked, you picked mine.

    You're a beaut, Dave. A real beaut.

  8. Congrats on your award! How awesome that you got to talk to Emma Thompson!--well, would've been aweseom-er if you knew who she was, but maybe you wouldn't have been as bubbly:D


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