Introducing Microblogging Monday

Microblogging Monday is a concept I invented about five minutes ago in Starbucks. It's a radical experiment that's based - frankly on boredom and the need for a distraction before doing real work.

Instead of the normal concept of a daily blog - if one is really stretching it as during the dog days of the A-Z challenge - you make numerous small posts.

Anyone who uses Facebook or Twitter will be familiar with the concept. But these microblogs are a bit longer than status updates which I find have become increasingly prosaic.

(Ever wondered why you are spending time reading why Becky Brown, who you last spoke to at the third grade school dance, has been listening to Biliel Jean by Michael Jackson and is feeling all lonesome?).

And do you give a flying?

To be fair the music at Starbucks rocks today. This is a great track but I have no idea who the singer is so I will try to glean a handful of words and Google it for ya.


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