Man pulls dubious rodent out of a hole on Groundhog Day

Well I was going to write a post about Groundhog Day today. Then I  thought of being lazy and reposting last year's post about Groundhog day. Groundhog Day - WTF.

But I figured going back to the same old ground again and again would be; a bit like groundhog day, really.

Not that the 42 people who checked out my 2011 article today - yes I work the night shift and I have zero life beyond going to the Fritos machine - seemed to give an over stuffed rat's that this was an old post.

So the interesting news here is that Punxsutawney Phil apparently popped out of Gobbler's Knob, got all alarmed by his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter which is rather odd considering it was almost 70 degrees today.

Apparently he has a brother in DC called Potomac Phil who is long dead and stuffed but this didn't stop him also making a prediction of six more weeks of winter. I don't understand this whole thing. I don't understand why guys in a top hat have to pull out the rodent and parade him for a bit off off the cuff meteorology.

So it's six more weeks of winter then. And this parrot isn't dead either.

"No no he's not dead, he's, he's restin'! Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue, idn'it, ay? Beautiful plumage!"


  1. Well, I suppose he is quite cute and I suppose it's a tradition akin to cheese-rolling...

  2. or cow-chip tossing

    In my neck of the woods (what does that MEAN??) our predictor of winter is skin. We show as much skin as possible so when it's around 40 degrees in March you may see white, unmuscled legs poking out from shorts. It's a yearly scare you can't miss.

  3. cool post, and that guy, i mean the rodent is truly adorable.


  4. I never have understood this tradition. There's another critter in Ohio called Buckeye Chuck. haha! I'll pass on the porridge, thanks. I'm not a big fan of oversized rat stew. :D

  5. Hey, don't feel alone. I don't understand how something so silly is a Big Deal. But, then, I'm from Louisiana, where we'd throw Phil into the gumbo pot. (Just kidding!)

  6. How are you? I'm worried about you. I feel awful you're in that shitty new schedule. We need to talk.

  7. for real Sarah - cheese rolling is mental. Euw - why is that Debroah?

  8. I reckon he was doing it for the UK we've had snow out of nowhere! Sorry to hear you are on the night shift, I hope you get to move away from that soon.

  9. Taps head meaningfully ... crazy yanks ;)

    Love the reference to the Pythons - I feel the day improving already with many fond memories. Anyone fancy a chorus of "I'm a lumberjack"?

  10. thanks Betty - we all want a groundhog. Poor Buckeye misses out on all the publicity, Daisy, ha - you probably would down there Kittie. Cheers Jennifer, am hanging in there, of course - anytime. thanks Abi. At least there's no snow here. Yep life would be so much duller without the Pyhtons, Sue


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