Leave it to Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Casey Anthony

It's been a tough week following the sudden death of my mother in law and I can't thank my blog followers out there enough for your kind comments that I will respond to shortly.

It's also been a week when I have been rethinking a lot. It occured to me this week that giving 120 percent all the time at work can be rather unproductive. You still end up being kicked around while the people who give 20 percent will be promoted. There was a tale, that may be urban myth, about a worker who died at his desk and nobody noticed for 24 hours. It struck me that this could easily happen to me; in fact people would probably have one sided conversations with a somewhat dead me and not even notice until I failed to comply with a piece of unnecessary paperwork.

So it really is time to revamp my life but how? I have read about people whose blogs make them vast amounts of money but I can't really see how this would happen. Brits experienced something of a spike in readers just over a year ago, and slid down the virtual Matterhorn to level out at a respectable but hardly earth shattering 150 or so views a day.

I think Brits isn't going anywhere fast because I haven't mentioned Justin Bieber enough. I know a bit more about who he is than a year ago and I still can't see the point. But I have forgotten the mantra and neglected Bieber. Have I said I haven't mentioned Justin Bieber enough.

But a lot of people have him on their easily distracted little minds a lot, it seems. A recent survey found Bieber was the most searched person on line in 2011.

And the second most searched person I'm quite mortified to say was Kim Kardashian, a character who gives the Biebs about as much depth as Albert Einstein in comparison. Kim and Justin don't have a lot in common but they do succeed in looking rather like waxworks of themselves.

The most searched news story was the trial of Casey Anthony and somewhat surprisingly the most searched for sports star was Maria Sharapova.

The most searched for musician was - I don't need to say, of course - and the most searched for show was American Idol.

This list is somewhat depressing because it reveals how shallow we have all become; if we weren't that way to begin with. It's the stuff of reality TV junkies and disaffected bloggers desperately seeking a bit more SEO juice guv.


  1. You want to boost your visits? Crack and diarrhea. Worked for meeeeee. (; But seriously it did. That is still the most viewed post on my blog to this day.

  2. Bieber Bieber Justin Bieber, The Biebs...hope my comment buys you some traffic.

  3. It's annoying when you feel you're dragging everyone along and not getting the recognition you feel you deserve.

    It is depressing seeing what most people are searching for, makes one wonder about the future of the human race really.

  4. You have this way of hitting the nail on the head! Actually, my hub and I worry about what you've posted - has it all come down to THIS? Not good. But, you've suffered a a great loss. This will take time. Go easy on yourself.

  5. Boy, David, it sure has been quite a week for you. sorry to hear about your loss. this seems a terrible shock, coming out of nowhere...?
    But I still think we can't let the Bieber and the Kardashian syndrom take us down. there needs to be value somehow in knowing something, being good in something - and not just senseless self-promotion and marketing. you are such a gifted writer - you should write a book e.g. about a blogger?? a British one perhaps ... ;-)I muddle through myself and on many many days this venture here seems very dire at best - but I have a vision and if hell freezes over, I don't let them take me down....;-) chin up, my friend, ok??!!;-)

  6. I have a very odd posting from a while ago that still gets lots of hits. More related to porn than Biebs, but you get the drift.

    More shallow? Less shallow? I don't know. I do know a very successful and brilliant biz-woman who LOVES a bit of reality TV. She says it is the way she winds down after one of her very busy 120 percent days.

    I totally hear you on the work thing. Gah.

  7. I would have that the Biebs was old news by now. Like, perhaps he had become so famous that it backfired on him, like it did to the Spice Girls 15 years ago...

    And don't even get me started on Kim Kardashian. That ugly little troll makes me ashamed of western civilization. I'm still dumbfounded that she still makes magazine covers. If aliens came to our planet today, they would all just assume she was our leader.

    Now I'm all depressed. Lol.

  8. Oh yuck. I think I'd rather have no visitors at all then have someone looking for Justin Bieber!!

  9. So true about Kim vs Justin. The only things she has on him are a few more millions (I'm guessing but could be wrong) and a rear-end.

    So sorry about the loss of your mother in law.
    Keep faith.

  10. Euww Anna - I think crack and diarrhea would beat Bieber - cheers Scots lass. I know Sarah - there's no future really. God - it really has Kittie.

  11. thanks so much Sabine - and yay for a vision. I know Deborah - actually I have some crazy posts that get a lot of hits. lol - you are a fan of Kim, Jennifer - what's her point? Oh i don;t care Emm - I'll use him for hits. thanks so much Robyn

  12. Reality TV is the world's crack. I don't watch or support. Keep writing David, your blog keeps me sane.

  13. Hang in there and do what you do well, You've had a tough year I think, it's bound to be unsettling. Enjoy your kids, love your wife, live life as fully as possible... and keep blogging!


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