Casey Anthony - what the hell

I really think I'm missing something here.

Why is at least one TV channel devoting 24 hour coverage to the case of the Florida mother Casey Anthony, who's accused of killing her daughter Caylee and many others devoting large chucks of time to the case?

I really don't understand why sharp tongued lawyers in even sharper suits are being flown in by the dozen to talk on air about this case, why it's worthy of the attention of the TV quacks and even folks like the normally level headed Joy Behar.

Is this case meant to be a metaphor for a rotten society, because Casey and her family are certainly from one spit of tobacco away from the trailer park?

Are there really people out there who can stand watching this all night? Who can stand listening to that human cheese grater Nancy Grace banging on about 'tot mom' this 'tot mom' that.

Since when was the English language boiled down to such lazy short forms and sound bites? I can't remember a case attracting as much media interest as this since OJ Simpson but at least OJ was a famous person.

Sadly about 700 parents kill their children every year in the United States, yet none of these awful cases receive a second of the publicity given to Casey Anthony.

Yet here's Nancy devoting 30 minutes of a show to the fact Casey glared at her mother when she said: "I love you."

Are we really meant to care? Are we meant to be shocked that someone who may be capable of killing her own child is capable of being rude to her own mother?

I assume Casey will go down for something, although probably not the death sentence, given the lack of evidence against her.

And she'll continue to sit there and stare into space with their air of someone a few bricks short of a load, a bit like all the people who've decided to give this case so much air time.


  1. I agree with you. I am tired of this case as well.

    They should just douse her with gasoline and light her ass on fire and be done with it.

  2. The entire case is a tragic mess but no more tragic than any other situation where a child is murdered. I'm inclined to concur with Oilfield's suggestion for dealing with this matter.

    The Ranter’s Box

  3. I knew there had to be a silver lining for our t.v. being on the blink--- I haven't been subjected to the daily media coverage (thankfully) but I'm sure I can imagine what it's like.

    You've got a third vote for incineration!

    Maybe if gasoline-doused execution for murdering a child became the accepted form of punishment, there might be a few children spared this tragedy.

  4. I was wondering the same thing - why has this case become so riveting to the Nancy Grace/ambulance-chasing mob? I'm clueless. I do know that probably thousands, if not millions, of Americans can probably name the major players in this courtroom drama but not the VP of the US, PM of England, Chancellor of Germany, etc. It sickens and embarrasses me. If it weren't for channels like Nat'l Geo and Turner Classic Movies, I'd get rid of cable completely.

  5. I feel the same way David. Watching "news" on television these days is a soul-sucking experience.

  6. I can tell you why. Casey is an attractive young (white) woman who killed a daughter who is absolutely adorable. Even though they are trailer trash, people still look at photos of her murdered two-year-old and they see their daughter/granddaughter in her sad little eyes.

    Plus, the whole mystery of it rivets people like a never-ending case of Law & Order. Because there are thousands of parents who shoot their kids, drown them, etc., but in this case the details are so murky and people naturally love a mystery, no matter how obvious is it that Casey killed her.

    I actually took a college course (The American Dream & Capital Punishment) about Americans' obsession with white woman and murder, whether the woman was the victim or the suspect. There are similar cases dating back to the 1600s that colonial Americans just clung to, because it involved an attractive young white woman.

  7. I ditto Jennifer's words, and have been thinking the same. Were Casey not a white woman who allegedly murdered her beautiful white daughter, there'd be no hype. It adds to the disgusting nature of the whole thing.

    Great post and I appreciate your sentiment.

  8. I've only just started to hear about it and once I started hearing the news, it never stopped. And I hate Nancy Grace. I feel like she exploits the pain of others for big ratings far too often.

  9. This story has even crossed the Atlantic and has been shown by Sky news and the Beeb albeit for a few seconds at the end of the bulletin. I agree with the last few comments white woman murders white baby = national headlines. The woman is obviously mentally ill and should be locked in a padded room if found guilty but shouting for her to be set on fire? What the hell will that achieve?

  10. How we love to beat a dead horse, and sensational any event that, in media's eyes, has a glimmer of potential to increase ratings.
    I can't imagine who would be watching. And Nancy Grace? She scares me.

  11. I'm so over hearing about this case and I hate that we try to turn unworthy people into celebrities. I guess we do silly things for our 15 min of fame!

  12. Its getting all the air play because it includes pictures of very pretty "Tot Mom"(gag) dancing with other girls. Sex sells anything. Also her Dad's an former police officer, more salacious delight. Now that the Dad is fessing up to molesting her as a child, it just gets better and better for the media. " She can tell you about a plane crash with a gleam in her eyes, give us dirty laundry." Disgusting. I don't watch a lot of TV and I'm constantly surprised as well at how much attention this is getting and for how long. They'll never be able to try the case because of it either, and no one will ever really know what happened. But the child will remain as dead as the day she died. Sad.
    Sorry, I'm not even sure how I got here, and I'm commenting on an older post to boot. Hit a sore spot with me : )

  13. seems to be a consensus on the gasoline then, Oilfield, Empress. wish the TV was on the blink e.a.s. I know Li. - classic tabloid TV, I totally agree, Tim. interesting comments, Jennifer - so kind of like the Salem Witch Trials? Sort of. 4 sure Robyn, nobody would care in the ghetto. I have covered these kinds of cases and Nancy Grace wouldn't give a rats.

  14. I agree with you re nancy, Heather. wow - sad it's made it to the UK, Ryan. for sure Jayne, but I guess a loy of people are watching as there are whole sub plots going on. I know Jennee, way to go, sadly. Great comments powdergirl and thanks for visiting. I agree with so much of that.

  15. Listen you uppity Brits, have you forgotten Princess Diana and all of the coverage? Her death was caused by your insatiable desire to devour her whole- I've seen your tabloids. By the way, the first noted case of a child murderer, Mary Bell, 10 years old at the time of her first kill, was English!

    And by the way, even though you complain about the coverage, you all seem to be watching it....This is human nature, not nationalism.


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