Blog neglect

Milord I am guilty as charged. I stand accused of blog neglect and I have no alibi. I was there at the scene of the crime and my knife was bloody to behold.

Unless one includes continuous work and aggravation from public figures who take themselves far too seriously.

Two postings in the whole of June is, what we refer to back home as "utter pants," although Americans don't get this as it refers to trousers, a commodity I found myself selling in my first job stateside. I still don't understand who would buy those green golf pants.

Yup the American Dream has taken some time to kick in but a cunning plan is presenting itself.

In the interim I am seeking to address my woeful blogging neglect but it isn't easy. I still have lots of comments to respond to as well as a few new followers after a period of moribund stagnation.

And here's a funny thing; my blog hasn't missed me at all. In my period away from posting daily visits have risen from the mid 100s to top 300. It's like there are strange cyber crawlers out there hitting on old postings who don't even know I have gone. Ah you would celebrate and cyber crawl over my grave without even realizing who I am.

This week has seen something of an existential crisis but there's light at the end of the dark tunnel. Strangely a rather forced effort for us to meet the folks in advertising seems to have given me that sense of perspective I have been lacking.

The games with bananas on strings, needless to say were embarrassing and crushingly unnecessary, but this office event actually included wine and we were forced to mingle with the advertising types. I hadn't realized how far away I had been trapped at my chair and in my shell until I started to talk to complete strangers.

There's a song by the Pogues, Christie Brown and all that and the kindness of strangers, although in the long term I need a new novel or an old one half remembered. I won't say it was even kindness but I gained perspective and it helped me beat my way out of the cardboard box that had been trapping me.

Though I sang in my chains like the sea.


  1. I'm sure the magistrate will go easy on you for your dreadful crime of neglect--- we've all been guilty of it :-)

    And, 2 posts for the month of June isn't total crap, not when you compare that to my 3 posts for an entire year *yikes*

    Oh, and your increase in blog hits just might be a few of us trying to find out where you'd run off to in the first place :-) Can't say we didn't go looking for you....

  2. 50 lashes with a wet noodle and all is forgiven. Glad you are back! Do tell more about those bananas on a string...

    The Ranter’s Box

  3. Ah, but it's quality, not quantity, right? Have to admit, the first time my hub said something was "pants", it elicited a guffaw. Wouldn't "underpants" be a more suitable derogatory item? As to views, mine have suddenly and unexplainably surged in the past week, which lead me to believe that there was something seriously wrong with Blogger. Again.But maybe it's just that the world is such a mess, and TV so crappy, people are turning to blogs as a chief source of (dubious) news and entertainment. I'm certainly not complaining!

  4. My blogging has been erratic, at best, to say the least. I vote to let you off the hook with just a warning. I've noticed the stats when I blog and when I don't blog really don't vary that much anyway. Ha! They don't care whether I'm there or not. :D

  5. I miss you.

    Which is weird because I see you other places online. So, technically, I'm never really without you, am I?

    Look at us and our creepy friendship!

  6. Some of the rest of us have been a tad negligent too. All these dang problems with blogger, and there's less incentive to post. I agree it's about quality not quantity. Well, not really, but it does sound good. Right?

  7. You're forgiven. Why would we punish when we just read a great post from you.

    I blame it on the transitioning seasons. Of course, I like to find blame wherever I can!

  8. That warm call of summer sends our minds adrift. (At least that's what I blame it on.) I have to reiterate what's been said above--it's not the quantity...
    And I'd say your crime doesn't match this lashing punishment. It appears the wound is superficial and your victim's bounced right back.
    Always enjoy your posts, David. ;)

  9. thanks kind of you e.a.s. It can be heard to keep going. Oh right Empress. That was a pathetic game where you had to knock balloons around with dangly bananas. thanks Oilfield, I have been guilty of it before, tho, Scots lass. You may be right Li - blogs are a lot more thought provoking often than TV. for real Daisy, there's no science to it. awww Jennifer, thanx - but I wasn't away for long.

  10. yes - for sure Robyn, plus sometimes I run out of things to blog on. Yo are too kind Deborah - I like that - transitioning seasons. Thankx Jayne, I always like to catch up with yours too.

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