British schoolboy wears a skirt to school

How's this for a skirty protest?

A 12-year-old school boy from Cambridgeshire, England, was so unhappy about his school's policy of barring boys from wearing shorts in the summer, he showed up to school in a skirt.

Chris Whitehead claimed it was discriminatory that girls were allowed wear skirts during the hot weather and turned up to school wearing one to make his point..

It seemed Chris discovered a loophole in Impington Village College's uniform code, and decided to address 1,368 pupils at morning assembly while wearing a black skirt. As one does.

I don't recall my school allowing shorts in the hot weather, either. We just became more and more sweaty, which was fantastic for the development of science project grade acne on our faces.

But I would never have had the guts to show up to school wearing a skirt for fear of being branded a 'big girl's blouse.'

Clearly times have changed for the better.


  1. I guess there was a smidgen of parental input, but well done that boy, mine would never be seen dead in a skirt however hot it got.

  2. Wow! I haven't heard about this. When I was teaching, I can't imagine a boy coming in a skirt. He'd get the mick taken out of him for sure!

  3. :-) I love it. Brave, practical boy.


  4. This lad will go far. Well done young mam.

  5. Clever boy, I reckon we'll be hearing great things from him in the not to distant future.

  6. First, it gets hot in England? Secondly, what do you mean when you say 'Big girl's blouse?' Do you mean the actual shirt or something more nefarious?


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