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As of tomorrow I'm going back to being myself.

It's a sobering thought after running all these great photo blogs but it's hard to hide from yourself for more than a week.

So I'll be back to grouching about the normal grouches as quickly as it takes to spot a pair of hideous stretch pants in Wal-Mart.

But first I'd like to take this opportunity to run some photos taken by Robin Jackson Lawson. I first noticed Robin's pictures on Facebook and the klpetomaniac in me screamed: "I want to steal them for my blog."

Amazingly Robin doesn't have a blog yet. Those folks further north in Virginia are just getting used to electricity, apparently.

Anyhow Robin's photos certainly have electricity. The lighthouses and bucolic rural pictures have an aspirational quality that makes me want to go to these places - right now, as it happens.


  1. The colors and composition are just beautiful. Definitely have a "slow down" quality to them.
    Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous photo's this week - the benefit of not being yourself for a little while. ;)

  2. Beautiful pictures, indeed!
    The second one is my favourite...great angle!!

    Hope you're having a good weekend, David!

  3. These photos are gorgeous! I adore the bike one in particular.

    I have to admit, as much as I have enjoyed being introduced to these amazing photographers through your blog, I have missed your usual posts. So, I'm really glad you're coming back. ;)

  4. Be sure to let us know when Robin does get around to blogging.

  5. Love the bike shot, but it'll be good to have you back. Have to disagree about only taking a week to hide from yourself though, you're simply not trying!

  6. Thanks Oilfield. I agree Jayne. They are very chill out. Thanks PAMO I agree. Cheers Betty. Hope you're having s good one too. You sre too kind, Jennifer. Will Do Ryan, how's the snow? I know Sue. I get lazy.


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