Who or what is Justin Bieber?

Well 2010 went a bit too quickly for my liking.

It almost fooled us at the end too; we spent so long lounging around in a hotel drinking champagne and beer and getting prickly with the receptionist over that missing taxi, that we almost missed midnight.

As an aside why do we ever think it's a good idea for a receptionist at a hotel to call us a cab rather than making the effort to call it ourselves?

And as soon as I arrived at the bar/club I suddenly felt horribly sober and horribly old. There wasn't much of a countdown to midnight, but I have had worse New Years.

Like the one I spent working the late cops shift standing at the edge of a chilly highway looking at a dead body under a blanket. A couple of fireworks going off was the only signal that another year had started. "Happy New Year," I muttered to the police press officer as she gave me some clipped details of the time and manner of death.

Talking of death, a lot of interesting and worthwhile people passed away in 2010. Foremost in my mind are Dennis Hopper, Elizabeth Edwards, Tony Curtis and Leslie Nielsen, but there were many others.

And on a more positive note 2010 came and went without me getting to know any more about who or what is Justin Bieber, beyond some kind of celebrity who looks like he should be ferried around on a yellow bus.

I wouldn't know a Bieber song if it slapped me round the chops. I think I want it to remain that way in 2011.


  1. He is just a teen whose balls haven't dropped out of his body yet.

    And my daughter likes his music and it drives me boinkers.

  2. He's the most googled person or something. Not by you obviously!

    Happy new year!

  3. I shall be making a prediction about that twat Bieber in an upcoming post. Whatever the deal is about it/him is beyond a mystery to me.

    Happy New Year!


  4. Unfortunately 'the Bieber' was a guest on the Graham Norton show recently, my wife made me watch it honest!!!

  5. Thanks Oilfield Trash - can't you issue a fatwah or something on this jerk. Nit by me Rapunzel; happy NY and thanks for the follo. Thanks Emprress, can;t wait for that. You were forced, I suppose Ryan.

  6. And may 2011 end with you still not knowing anything more about that kid. Someone is making a helluva lot of money from him, and no doubt dancing all the way to the bank. I feel sorry for him if he's being manipulated the way it appears.

  7. Well, nonetheless, I hope that 2011 proves to be a better year than the last. Also, I think the Justin Beiber thing is over so you probably don't have to worry too much about it anymore.

  8. owh, i only heard of his songs one or twice in the shopping malls. I heard he is quite famous lately. :) Many people kind of have a lot of questions about him, i wonder why?

  9. He made news that he is dating an 18 year old, J-Boy is 16.

    I pray that 2011 will be a news worthy year with less J-Boy, J-Ho and Kardashitwits.

  10. Hey Sue - not sure he's probably mind being manipulated to make millions; thanks Game Store Guy. It would be great if he was over before I noticed. lol, Daisy. Thanx Gabriel, still can't bring myself to YouTube him. He's only 16, Lidia. Sadly I can't image a year without twits

  11. Hope you never encounter Bieber girl fans...they, I hear and see on Twitter, can be quite aggressive....Good Luck... :)

  12. I am so glad my daughters are too old for the teeny bopper singers.. I am doing a good job introducing them to good music like Oasis and Stereophonics.

    It wasn't horrible but I spent this new years on a 12 hour shift at work.

  13. Biebers pop up every once in a while.

    I could confess to a Donny Osmond crush, but then I'd have to hunt everyone down and mind-meld that info out of their brains.

    We need Justin Biebers just so we (meaning me) can feel superior! Ha!

    Happy New Year and I am very glad to have found your writings.

  14. I hope not too Rek; sorry to hear about the 12 hour shift Vodka; that's positive, introduced my daughter to Thin Lizzy and Blondie. Thanx Deborah - it was good to find yours too.


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