Announcing .... guest blogger week

OK because this week will be Work 101 and I'm feeling generally lazy and uninspired about blogging, I'm dedicating it as guest blogger week.

I hope you are all as excited as I so obviously am not.

But in all seriousness, there are so many great bloggers out there who I follow and who follow me that I think this will be a great opportunity to showcase you....

Not to mention the fact you will make me feel less guity about feeling lazy and uninspired.

Sooo email me your favorite blog entry to or send me a link or a pic. You know how it works. And I'll say a couple of (justifiably) nice things about you and run your blog and the link.

I hoped to invite some big name celebrity bloggers such as Cotton Mather (see above), the early American puritan writer, who was going to write about how people can take you seriously in Wal-Mart with big, silly white wig hair.

Sadly Mather, who gave his rather inflexible feedback to the Salem Witch trials, appears to be just a bit dead.

Which is a shame really becase now society has no idea what to do with Christine O'Donnell and her big sister Rosie.

Happy Monday (almost)


  1. Inconsiderate of Mather, I'd say!

    I, too, am in full work mode this week - beginning a brand new job, in a brand new city tomorrow morning! But if you need a re-tread of a blog to use, you're welcome to any of mine that strike your fancy!

    And ... I have a couple of ideas about what should be done with Christine O'Donnell ...


  2. Thanx PM. I'll have a trawl when I find some downtime; any suggestions? Fun to be back at work, eh? lol re Christine...

  3. I'm still at home for another week so I can guest post if you like.

  4. I always wondered how those judges wore those silly wigs...As for as Rosie (the ex actress) I presume...I am not fit to comment...

  5. What kind of picture do you want?

    Don't be gone long I love it here

  6. sure Daft Scots Lass, do email me on. Thanks Rek, feel free to send me a post. Anything linked to the post or of you VL...cheers. it will fly

  7. Sounds like fun. I'll have to look back and see if I can find anything that strikes me to email you about if you still need another post. I'll look forward to reading what some others post too.


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