Breaking up: it's not just Courteney Cox and Christina Aguilera

There are at least two ‘happy family’ pictures on our fridge of couples who are no longer together.

It really does need someone to come along with a pair of scissors and do one of those ziggy zaggy cuts between their smiling, happily ever after faces.

Given the recent rash of celebrity break-ups it’s tempting to get up on that slippery soap box and to moan: “Why don’t couples stay together any more?”

But let’s face it. Couples and, in particular, celebrities are always breaking up. Courteney Cox and David Arquette along with Christina Aguilera and her husband Jordan Bratman, may be the latest names to go their separate ways but Hollywood has a tradition of splits as long as Liz Taylor’s list of ex-husbands.

And while we expect couples such as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Brad and Angelina to split at some time, other splits such as Al and Tipper Gore, took the public by surprise.

Of course if the claims of an Oregon masseuse that Gore made unwanted sexual advances is to be believed, Gore’s credibility will head south faster than the Polar ice caps.

But should we really be so surprised about actors and politicians? Both thrive on adoration and require their egos to be massaged on a regular basis; although Gore’s marriage might be in better shape now if he had stuck to wanting his ego to be massaged – if the allegations are to be believed.

More scary than the latest revelations from the world of Celebrityville are the everyday folks whose marriages are falling apart. There are lots of books on the secret of a great relationship. If I had the answers this blog would get considerably more hits.

Greater mutual appreciation of chocolate between couples, maybe.


  1. There are those that are willing to work on their relationships and others who have some floozy-dyke-tart-slapper distracting them from working on theirs. (Is the bitterness coming through okay?)

  2. I'd say it's coming through just fine

  3. When I saw the title I thought you were going to add yourself to the list... must be hard be married in the public as celebs are.

  4. Breaking up of any relation be a common or a celebrity couple is sad - it must be much harder for celebrities because they are under constant public glare.


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