Jim Carrey, the fall spirit and a life less ordinary

Somebody sent me a message today asking me if I was well and was getting into the fall spirit.

I could only think of Jim Carrey in Liar, Liar when I confirmed I was indeed getting into the fall spirit and was marginally well.

In Liar, Liar Carrey is a lawyer who finds his career horribly compromised when his son makes a wish that he becomes incapable of lying for 24 hours and the wish comes true. Such a burden would cripple a lawyer for 10 minutes so 24 hours of truth is clearly a career death sentence.

Likewise as I typed my cheery reply a curmudgeonly beast inside me was roaring: “Lady. It’s pouring with rain outside and my shoes are wet; it’s gray and lifeless in the office. Let’s throttle back on fall spirit; at least until a day when the sun’s shining.”

The only fall spirit I’m contemplating comes in a small bottle after the day I’m having.

And it’s not even the worst day I’ve had for a while; not like the day the dog was put down, or the fan blew on my car the same day as I had just spend $200 on new tires.

Nobody has been particularly rude to me, although nobody has been overtly polite to me either. The ice caps haven’t started to melt at a more rapid pace than hitherto since Sunday and nobody has parked in my spot outside the condo. I imagine a lot of unpleasant things are still going on in Darfur but I really wouldn’t know as the only TV news I catch up with is on US channels that hardly ever even cover events in England or France.

Admittedly I’m not really looking forward to tonight’s trip to Petsmart or a session on an exercise machine that is becoming more squeaky by the day.

It strikes me that in reality I’m allergic to routine. It makes me twitch and get up from my seat a lot to walk around aimlessly to the mail boxes before realizing I’ve been there before and there is still nothing interesting beyond a couple of council agendas.

I’ve got to the stage when I enter my existential crises on my outlook calendar before I even have them.

Until I can find a store to buy some of that elusive fall spirit, I’ll keep seeking out a life less ordinary.


  1. You sound like me, only I am like this when it is closer to Christmas.

    I love the fall (autumn;D) and as an immigrant I think that Thanksgiving has to be my favorite holiday.

    Now what are we drinking to help you get into the fall spirit?

  2. Interesting post!
    I love all the seasons. And I'm contemplating all of them.
    I have not learned how not to be allergic to routine so far. lol!

    Due to serious Internet connection problems I was not able to email you, David. (See my previous post).
    I have not forgotten it. Hope we
    'll speak soon.

    B :)


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