Down to earth and subliminal quick lane sexism

After a holiday I usually have about a day of euphoria and then the real world sets in again. But worse than before. That's when I crash.

(Posh permatans Image credits: RealSelf)

It doesn't help when a funny warning light comes on in the car and it feels like it's about to shudder to pieces at stop lights.

Today I finally took it to the same place that just did a $600 service on it four weeks ago (so as it would never break down again...right)

I walked into the service room. On the right at the desk was a middle aged man wearing overalls with a spanner sticking out of the pockets. On the left there was a woman with a permatan who had overdosed on foundation and gaudy gold jewelry and was casually examining her long red nails.

Now I may not be a very spiritual person but I felt this strange and unseen force propelling me to the right of the room.

I realized with a start that I had a lot more faith in overall man to sort out my shuddering car problem than finger nailed woman. Immediately internal doubts started to crowd into my head. Was I, in fact, a subliminal sexist?

Did I have more faith in overalled man because he was, in fact, a man? And had I wanted finger nail tips (although this is highly unlikely) would I have gravitated to the left?

Or maybe I could blame conditioning. The same conditioning that means the diapers I buy for my son have checkered flags and cars on them while the ones I once bought for my daughter had princesses on them.

Needless to say Sod's Law stepped in. Overall man picked up the phone and nail woman called me over.

And later she phoned to to tell me it would cost about $500 to change a couple of spark plugs because gasket heads couldn' t be replaced once taken off.

"Why it is so much?" I asked.

"Oh your car is different. It has a different kind of thing," she told me.

"It does. Oh?"

I'm still wishing I'd taken the right path, although for all I know it would have made no difference to what transpired.

(BTW has anyone ever seen Victoria Beckham smile. Would something bizarre happen to her face if she attempted it Just the once?)


  1. I actually thought your post was going to be about why Posh never smiles. Someone told me, I think on FB, that it's her 'thing'. She always looks so bitchy, yet she seems to be very well thought of and attends/hosts a lot of parties, benefits and gatherings, so I assume she must have a warm personality and does smile, just not for the camera.

  2. It's hard to smile when your face is cemented with botox. Just sayin.

  3. You do seem the type with a car that's got a different kind of "thing." Nervy of you, really. ;-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  4. I've also read what JoJo said, that Posh really has a big heart. (As big as those boobs, hmm, don't know!) But Botox and plastic surgery only carry so long. She needs a new thing.

    Sorry about your car. That's a bummer! Think you're a realist, David.

    Oh, Cabo popped on TravelZoo last night with one of those forever-summer photos. I thought about your photo of the garbage. Hmmm!

    1. really that's interesting Kitty - strangely the garbage had all gone the next day, who knows where.

  5. Maybe it wasn't sexism, but that she looked like she wasn't working there but waiting for somebody? Maybe if she had been wearing overalls. That's looking professional (in a garage it is).

    1. thanks for the pass Starla - not that I would ever be sexist at the garage, of course..


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