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Tim Riley at Life of Riles was kind enough to include me in the 7x7 awards. I was tardy in responding but appreciate the inclusion. Come to think of it I believe Tim was responsible for the only other award I’ve ever received but I’m OK with that because I don’t really understand award ‘etiquette’.

Here’s how it works – list your top blogs under these categories and then pass the award on to seven others.

Most Beautiful: Stars in the Sahara may have been the most beautiful or maybe just the saddest – Stars in the Sahara

Most Helpful: I'm not sure much in my blog will help anyone make sense of anything but at least The Origins of Hookers is helpful in explaining, err, um - the origins of hookers.

Most Popular: This one is a no brainer. I hate to admit it but Who or What is Justin Bieber? has attracted 21,159 page views. But who’s counting?

Most Controversial: It’s hard to come up with one as quite a few of my blogs have the odd controversial line - maybe anything to do with Mel Gibson - this one was so controversial it attracted a single comment.

Most Surprisingly Successful: I whipped out rather a lot of blogs during the A-Z Challenge, I have been surprised at the number of hits I keep receiving for I is for Island.

Most Underrated: It received a lot of comments but not so many hits – maybe James Joyce and a Stream of Doritos, my attempt at stream of consciousness was one of my more underrated blogs..

Most Prideworthy: I’m probably guilty of not using enough pictures of the fam. In my blogs – so I’m proud of Libertines, West Wycombe Park and Austenland. – although there’s some prejudice, too.

And now, with the gravity of a church pastor who passes the communion chalice to his flock, I pass this on to seven more outstanding bloggers. This is a rather arbitrary process as all of the bloggers I follow are rather outstanding….

I Know, Right

Life By Chocolate

Dribble from the Quill

Scotland Here and Now

Happy Frog and I

Dancing with Daisy



  1. Yayyyyyy!!! I'm first place!! I win.

    I remember a few of these posts but I'm surprised that some are new to me. It seems like we have known each other forever, but now I'm thinking it wasn't that long ago we met on Blogger. I don't even remember meeting you. It was like all of the sudden we were best friends and I never questioned it.

    I love Sahara by the way. Beautiful writing.

  2. Yay I got two awards, thank you.

    So have you been practicing your English with the Brazilian? (Mel Gibson one and only comment)

  3. aw - thanks jennifer - it was about 300 years ago. Um no Lidia. I didn't have the pleasure of practicing my fabulous Queen's English wiv no Brazilians, if ya know what I mean.

  4. Congrats on you award, David. I always enjoy reading your blog posts (or is it blogs?). Love the James Joyce piece- great cast of characters in your childhood stories (and the others, too!). :)

  5. Aw, thanks for passing the award on to me, David. You are very kind. Congratulations to you.

    I went to check out the Mel Gibson post. I never cared much for Mel. I thought the movie "What Women Want" was clever and funny, but otherwise I've never been a fan of his. I didn't care for Braveheart at all. I'm not much for one to watch movies with a lot of violence though. His shenanigans that landed him back in the limelight were pretty outrageous. The one comment on that post made me laugh by the way. hahaha! ;)

  6. Thanks for the hint - if I ever feel it necessary to bump up page views, I'll hit the Biebs. Or Gaga. Wow, if I use both, my blog might self-destruct from the sheer volume of traffic!

  7. David;

    Your James Joyce/Doritos post remains among my very very favorites, and that is saying quite a lot. So glad it "made the cut" for inclusion in this list. Sahara is also beautiful, and reading again, even more poignant seeing TJ Riles' comment, knowing he lost his dad less than a week later.

    Well done ...


  8. Congrats on your award and to the others too...as for Mel Gibson, I hadn't even started blogging then...not that I have been regular...I read all the posts, sometimes find no expert comments to mar the written words, so adopt the stiff upper lip ;P

  9. thanx Jayne - likewise; the least I could do Daisy - Mel is so weird4sure Li - Bieber may be pants but hje's good for boosting visits. Thanks so much Pam. Glad you liked it. Cheers Scots Lass; thax Rek, and I always enjoy reading yours.


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