Weird tourism and Casey Anthony

I'd like to thank Tim Riley for using a guest post that I wrote some time ago on America's weird and wacky tourist attractions over at Life of Riles.

Sometimes the road can be long and featureless in America so we all need the odd naff tourist attraction or two to spice it up.

Talking about attractions I'm not sure how half of the country will cope now the Casey Anthony murder trial is over.

At the time of the verdict there were a lot of shocked messages on Facebook and Twitter but what can we really expect if we turn the legal process into a circus?

I tend to agree with Marnie here that Casey Anthony is a sociopath. At the same time I may be in the minority but I believe the jury reached the correct decision based on a complete lack of solid evidence. I'm sure Anthony knows what happened to her daughter but I'm not conviced she killed her. Or more accurately I'm not sure she intended to kill her.

If the prosecution had gone for a manslaughter charge rather than a murder charge with the death penalty - presumably to boost ratings - they may have achieved a more favorable result.

I also tend to agree with Jennifer that if Anthony had been black or unattractive, nobody would have cared about this case.

Other than that my thoughts on this case haven't changed much from my posting Casey Anthony - What the hell, last month.

I haven't paid much attention to this case but small snippets of information have crept into my random brain from it being on TV in the background. And now I feel I have already reached my dysfunction quota for the year.

At least until the next funny family from down south makes it big with Nancy Grace.


  1. Oh, there will be another case. We can't live without them. Just you wait. Sigh. Isn't that sad? :(

  2. A commentator last night (can't remember who) said, very simply, that this trial drew so much hype and so many viewers because the American public loves reality shows, and this one fit the bill; good looking "stars", lies, murder,allegations of abuse, partying, courtroom drama, CIS-type forensics - the works. And hey, best of all, on the season finale we find out if someone gets the death penalty, goes to jail, or skips away free.
    That's a grim and cynical view, and yet...I have to agree.
    Now I'm waiting to see which jurors get paid how much to "tell their story".
    It's just all so disgustingly sad because, in the end, a child was murdered and I doubt we'll ever know what happened. And she is just one of hundreds (thousands?) of children who are abducted/raped/murdered every year.

  3. I have to agree David, the jury voted correctly based on the evidence.

    I didn't watch any of the trial. Oh wait, I don't have TV.

  4. I'm afraid that the American public may now, based on its current television schedule, believe that all cases have "absolutes" in them (AKA forensic irrefutability).

    A circumstantial case can still be a good one...


  5. I heard about a 'study' somewhere that totally supports what Pearl is saying. We all have such a skewed notion to how cases are 'solved' and neatly summed up in an hour television show. Sad.

    The jury did vote correctly. The prosecution didn't do its job. Death smell from the car trunk?

    I said this over at Marnie's place and I'll say it again - I hope and believe that this woman will get her's someday. I am guessing I might need to believe that?

  6. David, I so agree! I tired of Casey's case rather quickly. How the media was able to capture anyone's continued interest is remarkable.

    Great photo, very quirky, where was it taken? :)


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